37.Graduation/Finally over/Shes Changed.

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Today is Graduation which im happy that school is over now i don't have to face my stupid enemies it's funny how everyone hated me for "dating" Chris.  Anyways right now im getting ready for my Graduation I'm at Audrey's house of course Lilly and Lea are with us anyways i slipped on my Blue long dress and my white pumps (Dress and shoes on top)

Audrey is finally done fixing my hair and Lea is done with my makeup (Makeup and Hair right there^^). I went and fixed Lilly's hair and Audrey did her makeup. Me,Lea,and Audrey are done but Lilly is still putting her dress on. after a while everyone was done me and Lea went into one car while Audrey and Lilly went the other.

We Finally made it to school i got out of the car and the first thing that caught my eye was Chris looking straight at me i smirked and winked at him, he smirked back and started to talk to Crawford i walked to Shawn we hugged and started talking. In the middle of the convo someone came and put their hands on my eye.

"Guess who it is" he said 

"My dead cat?" I said

"Come on guess again"

"No way Austin!!!"

"Hey! did ya miss me?"

"Omg what are you doing here"

"I couldn't miss your graduation"

"Aw thank you"

Austin is my Cousin he was always over protective when it came to boys, i wonder if he know i'm married, im gonna ask him but before i did i felt someone grabbing me by the waist and pulled me into their chest.

"Chris you scared me"

"Haha sorry"

"what did you need?"

"First i want to say you look beautiful and two i want to say who was that guy?"

"First thank you and two are you jealous"

"Me Jealous you must have hit your head at something" Liar

"Then why are you asking?"

"Just tell me!"

"Nope not until you admit your jealous" i smirked


"Then im not gonna tell you"

"Tell me"


"Tell me"

"Nope admit it"

"I'm gonna repeat it one last time tell me"

"and im gonna tell you one last time admit it then I'll tell you" i said with a evil smile.


"alright then"

"Fine! I'm jealous ok now tell me who is that nut job that is trying to steal my girl" (Ha nut job where did i get that from lol im such a weirdo)

"Finally anyways that nut job is my cousin so watch it" i snapped

"I'm sorry" he kissed me i didn't hesitate to kiss back

"I love you"

"I Love you too Now lets head back and Graduate"

-Skip Graduation to Party-

We have offically graduated from this hell hole, we all are at the graduation party me and Chris are dancing right now im glad school is finally done now i don't need to focus on my enemies anyways the music changed me and chris decided to not dance anymore because we both got tired i was walking to go get some punch.

And i saw someone who i thought was once my friend and now my worst enemy and she will always remain that until the day i die i walked silently and put some punch in a cup i didn't even look at her until the b*tch stopped me.

"Hello friend"

"Kasey you were never my friend and never will be so leave me alone"

"what should i do cry because a sl*t like you isn't my friend"

"You must be mistaken have you seen yourself are you sure thats a dress or a mans shirt?"

"F*ck you!"

"Sorry i don't go that way im straight and i have Chris to do that with but thanks" with that i smirked and walked off.

i went over to our table everyone gave me a weird look because i was smirking. now i have to explain i explained what happened. chris gave me smirk when i said the last comeback he keeps looking at me and smirking then winking then whispering things in my ear that i just want to kill him for making me blush.

I hear someone clearing their throat i turn and see James and Logan. Shit! Logan! i looked at him and remembered that night i quickly stood up getting ready to run out but james grabbed my arm and made me sit down. I gave him a death look

"everyone having fun?" James said Logan was smirking at me while i gave him a glare if looks could kill he would be dead by now.

"What do you want james" Chris said standing up about to punch James but I held his hand.

"Oh i just wanted to say congrats buddy on graduating and getting the girl back"

"she isn't a toy james you can't play with her like that"
Chris said

"Very funny didn't you guys hate each other?"
Logan said

"Feelings change prick" I replied with the coldest glare.

"aww this is such a romantic love story"James said

"James I swear if you don't leave I will beat the Sh*t out of you" chris said with his face red with anger his hand balled to a fist his jaw clenched.

"F*ck off james leave us alone for once" Shawn said


"James Leave them alone" a voice came it sounded like Jasmine
i turned and looked at her she's changed she doesn't have a caked face she is wearing a normal dress not slutty wow she looks so different me and audrey look at each other and giving each other confused looks then look back at her at the same time we both say.


"Thats me"

"You've changed you don't look like a slutty prostitute" Audrey said I gave her a shut the hell up look, then slapped her on the back of the head 

"I don''t know if that was a complement or a insult"

"It's both"

"Audrey shut the hell up" Lea and i said

"Layla it's fine but can i talk to you in private?"

"No she can't" Audrey said

"Actually yes i can" she gave me a small smile i returned one Chris gave are you sure i gave him a nod we walked somewhere private.

"Look Layla i'm so sorry whatever i did to you, it was just because i didn't want to lose my popularity and Chris was the reason i became popular thats why i was so obsessed im sorry really please accept my apology"

"How do i know your not lying?"

"Because Layla im in love with your cousin Austin and I've changed look at me" I looked in her eyes and she was telling the truth.

"apology accepted and i will help you get with Austin"

  "Omg thank you thank you. you really don't know how much this means to me and layla i want to be you friend i want to get to know you" she said smiling and hope in her eyes.

"Your welcome and i want to get to know you and be your friend too." with that was hugged then went back to the party well one less enemy. i went up to Chris wrapped my arms around his neck then kissed him.

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