All for an Angel

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We wee standing in the wood’s behind the lab were my best friend was just killed. There were four of us now three. One was Jacobs girlfriend Kate and the other her best friend Angel. They both hate me because I could not help Jacob but we had a deal that if one of us were caught we would get the rest out.

“What are we going to do now that Jacob is dead?” Kate asked.

“I get us far away from hear like I promised him” I answered.

“What is you’re name?” Angel asked. See no one knows my name because the last time I told my name to someone she got me sent to the lab.

“Caleb” don’t ask me why I answered her but it was like I could trust them.

“Ok Caleb how did you get us out of the lab we’ve been trying sense we were put in there six years ago” she was right I had been there for one year and had navigated it like I lived there all my life. They looked at me and I was a bout to tell them the truth but them six lynxes showed up and we were surrounded.  K if you don’t know what lynxes are you are lucky they are like cats with incredible speed and agility.  Do you know the worst part about the truth is some times you don’t get to tell it your self?

“Why do you run from me” I was stunned that he had come in person.

Angel asked,

“Who are you and what do you want” he laughed and looked at them and said

“Kill the girls.” All six lynxes moved at once and I got to three of them and killed them instantly but angel and Kate were in serious danger cause one was in the middle of fighting Kate and she was doing good but angel was on the defense so I took action and killed the one on Kate and the two about to kill angel.

“What do you think you are doing son” are the work’s that changed the girl’s attitude. Angel looked at me with a hurt expression

“What did he just say?” Kate asked

“He is my father and he wants me back in his life” now if that wasn’t enough my brother and sister showed up and had that look in there eyes.

“Run” was all that I said and was locked in battle with my brother and sister the girls just stood there. So I did the one thing I could do was grab them and run. They got the idea and let go of my hands and were keeping up but shara and john were right behind us.

“Whatever happens go to New York and call 555-387 and tell them I sent you and you will be safe” angel met my eyes and nodded. Kate stopped and looked down at a river 13 ft. below

“This is as far as I can go or they will keep following us” was what I tooled them. Kate said

“What will happen to you”?

“Well they might beat me half to death but nothing new” I knew that it would be worse but that did not mater because I liked angel a lot and they would not touch her. Kate jumped and Angel was about to when she looked at me and kissed me.

“Don’t die and we will fined each other some day” and she jumped.

                                                Chapter 2

I was right in every way they beat me and questioned me and beat me more. They asked where Kate and Angel went and I tooled them to go to hell every time. The day my dad did the interrogation was the worst because he made me more of the perfect son by making me stronger, smarter, faster like my brother john. It about killed me. When I woke up my family was they’re even my mother, which is bad the warden dose not get called for nothing.

“How do you fell baby?” my mother asked

“Like I just died and went to hell what I am in hell what did you do to me” she looked away and cried. It would not have bothered me if she acted like a real mom when I needed her. I was put though pain-staking training and did testes every day for two months. I was the perfect son my family wonted except that I would not break and give up Kate and Angel.  In the two months I was becoming what they wanted physically I was preparing my self mentally for what was to come. On the fourth month I was told that I was going on a mission to get all the people that were at the golden house where I sent Kate and Angel. They got information on it some how and wanted me to bring it down for them and I accepted it. We were in a helicopter. Jack are leader, Johan, Marty, Merlin, Jess and I we were going to new York to do what my mom wanted and that would go in my favor. We landed two hours later and were three blocks from the house.  We started out and got there in six minuets we got in the front yard and it went down hill from there. We lost Marty and Jess to five big teens in two minuets and then Merlin to five top dogs. When I say top dogs I mean dogs they changed in front of us and killed him before we could stop them. We had all but four of them in chains or knocked out. Jack led followed by Johna and then me. We got to the last door and went in to fined Kate her new boyfriend Angel and what looked like her boyfriend standing in fighting position waiting for us. Angel looked at me and I made the first move I knocked out johna and Angel knocked jack out. The two boys started toured me but Kate stopped them

“Caleb” Angel asked not knowing how to act. In three minuets we had everybody free and my team was in a cage down stared. Angel was avoiding me but that changed when the other girl grabbed me and said

“I thought you were dead the link was killed how can you be alive” she was the one that gave me to the lab Jessica. The one person that can bring down the lab with my help. She gave me a huge and I tolled her what they did and Angel and Kate were there to hear what I had to go through for there freedom Angel got up and left and I fooled her. She was crying on the balcony when I closed the doors she got up and gave me a hug and tolled me she was sorry and that she wanted to wait for me but she heard that I was dead and could not take it.

“It is ok I don’t blame you” and I was telling the truth. Her boyfriend opened the door and pulled her to her feet and tolled me to leave her alone but she got the courage to dump him and did right there and tolled him that he did not run her life. He got mad and cursed and tried to hit her but I stopped him with my speed and strength. I found out that I am pretty fast and strong when need be. He was stunned at first them he got mad and tried to hit me and I put him on the ground with a kick to the chest. It wasn’t my best but it still tock the air out of his lungs. When he got up he went to get away from me but before he left he said

“What the hell are you” “freak”. Them I turned to angel and tolled her

“Sorry I have to go or they will come and kill every body”.

“No I can’t let you go not now they might kill you this time,” she screamed

“If I don’t they will kill you” I whispered not wanting to accept it

“I will go with you and we can run I would leave every thing to be with you,” she cried. I kissed her and haled her “I know but I cant put you though that for me” I whispered in her ear. I kissed her again not knowing if it would be the last time and jumped over the edge of the balcony and ran as fast as I could but I could hear her scream

“No” that she needed me to live and be with me.  But I stayed to long the way it was because then they moved in and attacked the gold house and they had her before I could get there they shot me two times and she screamed no so loud that it killed me to stop as my vision faded she was the last image I had. Her in the arm's of my brother.

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