Chapter 22

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I woke up to an arm around me. I turned around to see carlos sleeping with me.

I flicked his nose and he opened his eyes.

"Morning babe" he said closing his eyes

"Morning carlos. Come on we have to get ready for school and when did you come in my room" i said turning in his arms and laid on his chest.

"School is closed and i came last night. Its been snowing all night" he said looking at me and i nodded

"I'm going to go have a shower" i said sitting up and put my hair in a bun.

"I'll join" he said sitting up next to me

"No" i said

"Its saves water. Your so cruel rose" he said smirking and i shook my head.

I went to my closet and picked out a big sweater and jeans and went to the bathroom.

I had a shower and got dressed. I left my hair open to dry and walked out the bathroom to see the room empty.

I went downstairs to the kitchen to see everyone there, even kayden.

"Morning" i said to them

"Hey liya have you seen the snow outside" nick said and i looked out the window to see a lot of snow

"Who wants a snowball fight" i said turning to look at them

"Yeh" nick shouted

"Ok but you will have to be all warmed up" megan said to us and we nodded.

"Eat your breakfast first" kayden said

I ate my pancakes and ran upstairs to my room. I went to the back of my closet and found a big white coat. I wore it and pulled my hair out and tied it in a ponytail. I wore my uggs and my gloves and ran downstairs to the kitchen.

"There all outside" megan said to me and i nodded. I went outside to the backyard to see no one there. I walked a little further.

"Hey rose" carlos said behind me and i turned around to snowballs all hitting my face.

"Hey thats unfair...ow" i said when someone threw a snowball in my mouth.

"So. Now that the warm up is done. Lets choose teams" christian said and i glared at him.

I wiped my face from snow and looked at them.

"Thank you guys. I loved the warm up" i said sarcastically.

"Thanks. my idea" carlos said smirking and wrapped an arm around me.

"So me and cristian and luke against you two" nick said smirking evily.

"What two against three. Thats unfair" i said

"We can do it. 10 minutes before we start" carlos said and pulled me closer to the back door.

"Hey they have cristian. There obviously going to win" i said to carlos as he made snowballs.

"Do you trust me" he asked and i nodded

"There. Now make snowballs" he said and i nodded and helped him.

Just as i stood up a snowball hit my face.

"Hey" i shouted and wiped my face to look at nick.

"Times over" nick said and threw another snowball on me

"Lets get them" i shouted and threw one on him and it hit his head.

"We won. We won" nick and luke shouted as i got up from the floor and walked inside the kitchen.

"So who won" kayden asked smirking

"Them lot" i mumbled and he laughed

"We saw it all. I totally understand why carlos didn't help you in the end. No one can beat nick and luke together" kayden said laughing.

"Rose come on at least talk to to me" carlos said coming into the kitchen and and i ran upstairs to my room. I took my coat off just as carlos opened the door and came in.

"Okay i'm sorry. But you have to understand you can't beat nick and luke" carlos said leaning on my door

"You know you say sorry a lot. Am i that important to you. Do you love me" i asked him smirking

"Nope" he said and sat on my bed.

"Fine. But i will make you fall in love with me" i said sitting down next to him.

"You have 2 months babe" he said smirking

"Thats more than enough" i said to him.

"Good luck now lets go downstairs" he said and went downstairs. I went downstairs to see carlos at the door with jasmine.

What the fuck is jasmine doing here i thought angrily as she leaned closer to his ear and whispered something. She smirked at me and left.

"What did she want" i asked going down the rest the stairs.

"Why do you want to know" he said smirking and leaned on the door. I walked closer to him and poked his chest.

"I want to know carlos" i said narrowing my eyes.

He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up chuckling

"Is little miss rose jealous" he said smirking

"No and put me down" i said to him

"Yes you are. Your so jealous. I can see it. And theres a party tomorrow and she invited me and you." He said putting me down

"I'm not going" i said and he wrapped his arms around me again.

"Oh yes you are" he said kissing my cheek

"1 party okay" i said

"Yes ma'm" he said saluting me and i laughed

"Your so cute carlos" i said pinching his cheek

"I'm not cute. I'm handsome, sexy, hot anything but cute" he said and pulled me closer

"What are you going to do if i call you cute" i whispered to him

"Try me" he said

"Cute" i said smirking and he pushed me onto the wall and crashed his lips. I was just about to kiss him back when someone coughed and i pushed carlos away, again.

I looked up to see kayden shit

"Behave" he said going into the living room

"Now where were we" carlos said and i smirked at him.

" bye" i said and ran upstairs to my room and locked the door.

"Rose open the door" carlos said banging on the door.

"Carlos. Stop breaking things" i heard kayden shout from downstairs.

"Rose. Open the door" carlos said sighing

"If you say you love me then i will" i said leaning on the door.

"Fine stay in the room then" he said and i heard him walk downstairs.

I will make you say it carlos. Soon
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