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"Do you have anything to do now or?" he asks me, still looking into my eyes.
"Want to come back with me? We'll go into soundcheck soon." He tilts his head to the side inquiringly, and I take another nervous drag, holding the smoke in for a moment. Letting it all out in one long breath, I nod.
"Yeah. That would be amazing. Thank you." I smile, and he chuckles softly. I drop my cigarette, stepping on it before kicking it into the gutter beside me. We start walking, and he glances at me.
"What's your name?"
"Fe—Evangeline," I say, almost saying my first name by accident—I hate it with passion.
"Well, Fe-Evangeline," he replies wryly. "How old are you?" He walks up several steps to a door, and I follow him.
"Just Evangeline. I don't like my first name." I say as he drops his cigarette, stepping on it and kicking it aside as I did. He opens the door, going inside. I follow him in, and he locks it. "I'm 23."
"What's your first name?" We start walking again, and I bite my lip.
"Felicity," I tell him, frowning as the word leaves my mouth.
"That's a pretty name. Why don't you like it?" We arrive at another door, and he opens it, letting me in first.
"It's not me," I admit, glancing at him as he closes the door.
"You aren't happy?" He looks at me again, and I don't meet his eyes. We're backstage, and to the right, I see a door that most likely leads to the dressing room.
"Not really, no," I say after a moment. He touches my hand, and I flinch in surprise. He takes my hand in both of his and looks at me.
"There are things that make you happy, aren't there?" His hands are warm and comforting.
"Like?" he prods.
"Like you," I reply, and he smiles again. Without thinking, I ask, "Are you happy?" I mentally curse myself, and he doesn't answer for a moment. He doesn't let go of my hand, but he looks away from my eyes, instead looking over my head. He blinks a few times, as if he's trying to blink back tears.
"No," he says after what feels like an eternity.
"But some things make you happy," I say softly, and he looks at me again.
"Singing. Songwriting," he replies, his voice soft. He opens his mouth to say something, but suddenly, the dressing room door opens.
"Adam! Neil wanted to—" Brad looks at us, his mouth falling open in shock. Adam pulls away from me, releasing my hand and straightening. My heart beats faster as I see Brad in front of me. His blond hair is messy and flat, and he looks like he just got up from a nap.
"Right. This is Evangeline," Adam says, releasing my hand and walking over to Brad. I follow him, and Brad's blue eyes flicker to me. 
"Hey there," he says, smiling.
"Hi," I say softly, staying a little way behind Adam.
"She'll watch the show from here," Adam says, and Brad nods.
"Awesome. Oh, yeah, Neil wanted to know if there're any more potato chips."
"He's going to throw up if he eats any more of those," Adam responds wryly, making Brad laugh.
"Why don't you come on in," Brad says, looking at me.
"Go tell Neil to not be weird so he won't freak her out," Adam says, glancing at me.
"That's probably a good idea, but do you really think he'll chill?" Brad raises an eyebrow.
Adam chuckles, "Most likely, no."

"His blond hair is messy and flat, and he looks like he just got up from a nap." -_- Brad not in the Hat. Okay I'm done now XD I legit didn't realize I was making a weird rhyme there until I read over it a few times lmfao

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