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Marcel Imagine/Story (Dirty Maybe;))

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Gonna make an imagine cause like c'mon everyone wants one lol


"Okay Class, we will begin this assignment, and yes you will be chosen a partner" My bio teacher Mr.Brown told the class. I Really didn't care who I got partnered up as long as it wasn't with Marcel, he was just so nerdy and hanging out with him would completely ruin my reputation. Wait what reputation, I mean it's not like I was popular or anything.

But in ways he was really cute, and I kind of wanted him as a partner. I know, Hypocrite much?

"(Y/N) and Marcel you guys are partners" Mr. Brown chimed snapping my train of thought.  After he finished picking  partners he said to sit by our partners. This was going to be real fun.

I didn't bother getting up, Marcel was already making his way to my desk. As he was about to reach he dropped his binder, I bend over and helped him pick it some of it up.

"You really don't have to " He said, I quickly handed him his things back, my hands started sweating, Wait what? Its just Marcel. I thought  to myself.

"Yeah its just me" he laughed, I never really noticed how deep and sexy his voice was, Sexy? Whatever.

"Oh I didn't know I said that out  loud, sorry" I said starring at him blankly. He smiled. his smile brought a swarm of butterflies to my stomach, more like a  Zoo.

"Sooo... (Y/N) do you want to come over or do I come over?" I taught about it for a second.

"Yours if that's okay-"

" Yes it is" He smiled and looked down, God Marcel stop smiling my stomach is really starting to hurt now. We sat in silent for 15 more minutes, I Didn't mind and neither did Marcel. When the bell rang everyone rushed out, Marcel being the first one....

Odd. He was always  last.

After school was finally over I headed to Marcels House, I mean of course I know where its at, small town I guess. I walked up the steps, no joke this house was Huge, like a mansion.

I swung my Backpack over my shoulder as I was about to knock another time, but the door was quickly opened by Marcel. He had a white Polo on and some red sweats on. Seeing him like this was odd because I usually saw him in a vest and pants up to his stomach...

"(Y/N) Hey come in, My parents aren't home if that's okay with you" He shyly added the last part. I looked up at him giving him a smirk. His eyes widened his reaction made me laugh a bit.

" So should we go to your room or something or are we going to just stand here'' I said looking around, taking my surroundings.

He chuckled and started walking upstairs I followed him since he didn't say anything.

When we entered his room my jaw literally hit the  floor, I have never seen a room so big and so cool. I looked at two big doors, it could only be one thing. I yanked the doors open, Just what I taught a walk in closet, I almost passed out, I mean I might be over exaggerating but this is every girls dream, and Marcel over here is living the dream.

I walked in, So many clothes  and he still dresses like he came out of the thrift shop.

"Want to play dress up?' I asked, I know it was childish but I really couldn't resist.

"Don't you want to stu-" I couldn't help myself as I pressed my lips onto his. It just felt perfect. I swiftly turned around, and acted like that just didn't happen...

"So you up for it" I Looked at him, He was grabbing his lips and looked like he was lost. Man if he only new.

I grabbed a plaited shirt and some skinny jeans I turned around and found some matching toms.

" Here try this" I said smiling up at him he still couldn't look at me. Gezz it was only a kiss calm down. Marcel grabbed the clothes that I picked and handed me something to wear too. As he was about to leave the room with the clothes I stopped him.

"Why don't you change in here?" I asked taking of my shirt and putting on the  shirt he handed me, he quickly looked away, I took of my pants and walked towards him.

"Something making you uncomfortable?" I asked, with a bit of laughter. I was suddenly being pushed onto his bed as he pressed his rough lips on mine........

Should I like continue this story or what?!!! ;) Comment and vote and I will update it later heheh <3

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