Chapter 6

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Chapter 6



Today's hot topic of the school was, how Chloe slapped Jeff in front of everyone. A nerd had guts to hit a jock.

"Never knew she would hit him, man," Jason said. Jason was never a person to talk. He only talked among

From what I know, she isn't this way. Her behaviour, I mean. When I meet her back in New York, she wasn't so quite.

She came for vacation with her family when I first met her. She was so cute, a bit shy, loving. I thought that will be the last time we meet, but I never expected to see her again. And now here she is with me, same school and practically my neighbour. Never expected that.

But from what I can see, she definitely has changed, but I feel she hasn't changed for good. Something is definitely off about her.

A big clue is, whenever I talk about Emma, she just refuses to acknowledge. Leah and Laura doesn't even know about it. Aren't they all bestfriend or something?

"Earth to Chase," Ryan shook his hand in front of my face. "Are you coming?" He asked.

"Where to?" I asked looking at them. They gave me weird expression.

"We decided to hang at your place during lunch? You remember, don't you?" Alec asked raising his eyebrow. Ohh! Yeah we decided. I guess I just spaced out.

"Yeah..yeah right, sorry I just spaced out." We were walking towards my car. From the corner of my eyes I saw Chloe standing there with some guy.

"It's fine. Shit happens," Ryan said. But he guessed I wasn't paying attention to his words. He followed my line of vision.

He coughed and I looked at him. He was smirking at me. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"What?" I narrowed my eyes. Why do I have a feeling he is thinking something. Ryan doesn't think, and when he does, it's nothing good.

His smirk grew. He shook his head, "Nothing." With that he went to his car, Jason right behind him.

I went to my car with Alec, who was eyeing me with spectacular look. Am I missing something? I shrugged and started driving while listening to Alec rambling about Megan, how hot she is...

I sigh. I know she is hot. I've already talked to her once. She is hot, but when she starts talking, she won't stop.

As soon as we reached my place, I parked my car in the driveway. I opened my door and got out as Alec got out of the passenger seat. I locked the car behind me as we all went in.

Today was pretty amazing day. I think today's topic is going to be the hot topic until some other things comes up. But I have a doubt that Jeff is not going to let go so easily.

Just as we entered, we were hit by a strong smell of coffee. I followed the scent to the kitchen and saw mom making coffee. I silently went behind her and whispered near her ears, "I'm back."

She jumped and quickly turned around, hitting me with the big spoon that was beside her.

"Ow, ow, ow! Stop mom, it's me," She won't listen. I took hold of the spoon and snatched it from her hands. The boys were laughing so hard that tears rolled down their eyes.

"Th-that w-wa-s hilarious," Ryan said between his laughs. I glared at him which made him laugh even more.

Mom looked at me, ready to kill.

"You scared me. Don't scare me next time or no dinner for you," she said and looked away, slightly pouting.

I threw my hands up in surrender, "Sorry, won't happen again." I kissed her checks and looked at my friends still laughing.

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