Chapter 22.

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Scarlett's POV

I slowly became aware of my surroundings as consciousness swept over my body. There was an arm draped across my waist and a face nuzzled into my neck. I listened to Louis's soft snores as I remained completely still, the only movement was my eyes opening. I shifted a little to get more comfortable, Louis's arm clung tighter pulling me towards him. His body was acting like a radiator, generating heat towards my body. I rolled onto my side so I could watch him peacefully sleep. His lips were pulled into a small smile as he continued to dream about something pleasant.

It had been exactly a week since the whole fiasco ended. No one had heard a peep out of Damian, however I did warn Maria to keep an eye on him in his new job, which was apparently a make up artist for a catalogue magazine. I, however still had reason to doubt him. I couldn't escape the thoughts that there was something fishy with the way he admitted everything straight away and agreed to stop the blackmail. It seemed too easy and too unlike Damian. He looked sincere when he spoke – especially about his family but I still had my suspicions. I wasn't going to act upon them though, unless something dire was to happen.

Kendall had jetted back to Australia yesterday and I missed her already. Despite dating Louis previously there was no awkward tension between them or anyone for that matter. Laura treated her like a long lost sister and the rest of the boys took her under their wings like an old friend. She admitted that before none of them really gelled together but she insisted she was a different person, and you could tell. 

Laura and Niall were back to their old selves, in fact I think they're even more in love than before. They will not leave each other alone – literally. You leave the room for five seconds maximum and their mouths are attached instantly. I'm surprised they found time to eat.

Yesterday I spent the day crying my eyes out from dropping Kendall off, to wiping away more tears after I watched Jack depart back to America. All Time Low's run of Europe had ended and their homes were calling them back in Baltimore, much to my displeasure. In time I could see Louis becoming quite good friends with Jack. They spent a little time together yesterday, something about them being together brought out their immature sides, not that I minded, I just wished all their jokes and pranks weren't centred around ones self.

I had even managed to grab a quick hug from Cassadee, I hadn't seen her since we toured together but she was still as sweet as ever. She was wrapped up in Rian's arms as always. If there was a relationship that should be envied – it would be theirs. If you looked up perfect couples in the dictionary a picture of them would be there. 

Yesterday had also consisted of a 'house' sleep over and by house I mean we all rocked up to the boys flat which was currently only lived in by Zayn and his girlfriend, everyone else had scattered, even Harry had taken to living in his own place again. Although that was probably due to the fact he now had a lady friend. To my surprise it wasn't the same one who he took to the Charity Ball, in fact it was childhood friend back from his hometown. She had just moved to the city and as soon as he heard he was taking up the position of official tour guide. Louis informed me he'd spoken about her before, Delilah I think they said she was called. Harry was very keen on her though, although she was heading back home to collect more things so her invitation to our sleep over bonding time was declined. I was looking forward to having more girls in the house, level out the manliness. Although with the way Harry and Louis often acted around each other it was hard to determine whether they were in fact feminine or not – however I can account of Louis's masculinity, he's proven he's quite the man in certain aspects... 

It was weird that in a matter of just a mere seven days everything had levelled out. Laura's stuff was slowly disappearing from her room and I was fully aware it was reappearing in Niall's – I was just waiting for the "I'm moving out," conversation she had yet to drop. I wasn't worried about letting her free the nest. Niall would take care of her, I was positive he would. And when he went on tour she would most likely retreat back to her old bedroom. 

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