Three: Break Ups and Thats Pretty Much it.

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(Edit: Omg for some reason I put this as chapter four, I'm sorry but just in case you thought you missed something you didn't :) Okay that's all!😊)

Ross' POV

Rachel and I walked into the office's and Adam gave Rachel a rude glare, and I can see why, she was being a total bitch because I wouldn't get her a $450 dress. "Hey (y/n) wanna record a sky wars vid for my channel?" I asked. "Oh uh yeah sure!" She said running to her new office.

~Time Skip!~

"(Y/n) help! I'm down to three hearts!"I yelled into the mic. She shot her bow and killed the person the who was killing me. "OHHH LOOK AT THAT NO SCOPE!!!!!" She yelled. "What?" I said laughing a little. "A no scope, isn't that what it's called when you kill someone with one try??" She asked. "No" I laughed. 

"That was almost a better mistake then that time Adam messed up the salty ocean joke." I said walking in the room filled with everyone from the offices. "OH will you guys forget about that!"Adam yelled and everyone in the room laughed, except Rachel who was in the corner of the room glaring at me.

"Ross lets go, I was online and I saw this cute dress but I don't have enough money to get it." Rachel whined. "You know what, no, no I'm not buying you anything, the first time you had me you you something it was fine, but I slowly started to realize that you were just using me, so we are through!"I said loudly.

Rachel looked around the room only to see that all eyes were one her and she got really embarrassed. "Fine but you will be hearing from my lawyer!" She yelled. "What?! How does lawyers come into this??" (Y/n) asked.

"You, you did this didn't you you must of told him something, I know you all hate me because he gets stuff for me because HE LOVES ME!!" She yelled, starting to cry. "Rachel this isn't love this is you tricking a sweet, kind and innocent boy into buying you stuff" (y/n) said kindly. "Shut the fuck up" she said as she walked up to her slapping her and pulling her hair. Rachel continued to hit her randomly until Jess pulled her off of her and kicked her out.

(Y/n) was knocked out cold so we laid her down on the couch and I just stay there sitting in one of the chairs scrolling through Instagram, occasionally looking up at her to see if she was awake or not.

It had been about an hour and she wasn't waking up so I got up and leaned in to kiss her and-"are you trying to kiss me?!"(y/n) asked a little annoyed. "I uh n-no I was a just" I stuttered. "As much as I find that creepy, I really dont care, but I don't kiss anybody if I'm not dating them so yeah" she said. "Ok well can I take you on a date?" I asked. "Yes! I mean uh yeah sure bro" (y/n) said before we both walked out into the other room.

Hey guys so I was gonna make this include the date as well but I decided that it would make a good chapter by itself, feel free to message me anything like anything that you want to happen in the story and I'll try to add it in so um yeah Bye!❤️❤️

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