"I've missed you too darling...Harry, what are you doing? Get out of the car and bring my grandchild with you," she looked into car at him. He was hunched over, covering his "happy" area.

"Gimme a tic mum, just have to make a quick call," he lied.

"Harry Styles, you're with your mother, get out of the car now and forget the phone call," she scolded him, and I couldn't help but laugh at the little pickle he was in.

"Fine!" He huffed, quickly shutting my door so she couldn't see in anymore. A few seconds later he was walking towards us with Mia in her carrier, covering his mid section.

"Nice to see you mum," he kissed her cheek.

"Nice to see you too, now give me my granddaughter," she took the carrier from his hands, revealing his slightly less perturbing bulge, but it was still there.

Luckily Anne had turned around before even getting a glimpse of it, but I for one could not stop laughing.

"You think you're clever don't you," he whispered to me as we followed Anne inside.

"I've got the magic touch, I'm proud of myself," I shrugged.

"So you should be," he kissed my cheek, and we made our way into the lounge where Anne was already cradling Mia.

"I've invited your father over for dinner, he's excited to meet little Mia in person," she informed us. We hadn't had a chance for Mia and Des to meet yet, so I was happy that Anne had arranged that for us.

"Sounds good, how have you been mum?"

"I've been good darling, been catching up on my reading as of late, seeing girlfriends, working in the garden. It's much lonelier around here now that your sister is living in LA and you're in Melbourne, but it's nice to just be here with Robin. I do miss the sound of kids running around, so bring this little one around as much as you can as she grows, she's already gotten so much bigger since I saw her last," she started tearing up, which I expected of Anne.

She was such a lovely woman, she always treated me like one of her own. She was so proud of her kids, and she felt things with so much passion, which often resulted in a few tears here and there.

"Mum why are you crying?" He sighed. I guess he was just use to her crying over the smallest of things.

"I'm just happy you're both here, I haven't seen you in a while and I missed my granddaughter. Stop judging me Harry, I'm allowed to be emotional," she shooed him off.

"I'll never understand women and their constant emotions."

"I've seen you cry a few times, so you're not one to talk," I defended Anne, and me for that matter since he made it a comment about women in general.

"Okay I forfeit, I'm not arguing with two women, Robin isn't home yet to back me up."

"Good choice," I rubbed his back. He would never win against me, but I think that was mostly because he let me win majority of the time.

"So have you two decided on a middle name yet? Anne is on the table," she smiled, taking a seat next to us.

Harry and I answered in unison, with different answers. I said yes without thinking, and he said no.

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