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Chapter 7: Sick Abuse

Jace's Point of View:

I almost said 'I love you' to the girl.

I've never got how two people could fall in love too fast like in Romeo & Juliet or Twilight. I've never gotten how in just mere seconds someone could fall in love so hard and fast. But with Clary...I finally understand it all. Though I can't quite explain it, mostly because I don't want to risk sounding like a dork, but that's what I am now: A love-sick dork.

I've never fallen in love before; I've just hooked up with girls for the hell of it. The glory, the fun...but it's different with Clary. It's better...nicer even, almost like a dream.

As I was driving away from Clary, I watched her through my rear-view mirror, ready to protect her if I needed to.

I was driving down a very familiar route, to my step-dad, Luke's home. He'd been married to my mom, Jocelyn. But for some strange reason they don't live together, yet they're still happy. I've bugged Luke to give me an answer, but he never has told me why.

As I finally arrive home, I park in his drive way, facing the one-story house next to his ugly truck. The garage door was open and Luke was in there working. He'd converted the garage into a wood-workshop, as he's a carpenter.

Luke looked up at me when I arrived before looking back down at the piece of wood he was cutting. "Hey Jace," he said.

"Sup," I said, getting out of the car and into his workshop. "So what are you working on this time?"

"A bookshelf for a girl," he replied.

"What girl?" I asked curiously.

"Clarissa Morgenstern."


Clary's Point of View:

I sighed and turned around, ready to get going. Valentine would be waiting for me. So with that thought in mind, I walked to the building he owned.

When I got to the door, I patted my pockets, looking for my key. Then I remembered I didn't have it today, because I have the one key for everything: car, house and all others. I didn't bother taking it because I didn't take my car.


I took my phone out and checked the battery. I only had enough power for one short call and I knew exactly who to call.

I dialed the number quickly, having rung it a million times before. I put it to my ear and listened to it ring and on the second one, someone picked up.

"Hello?" a voice asked.

"Hi, um...this is Clarissa?" I said, but it sounded more like a question. There was a pause as the phone was handed over to someone else.

"Clary!" said the new voice, one I recognized.

"Hey, Josh, Listen, I'm outside without my keys. Can you and your mom unlock the door for me?" I asked hopefully.

"Yup, mom and I will be there!" Josh said and hung up.

As I waited, I started to think of Jace but then my thoughts shifted to Valentine and I tried to forget them.

When Josh arrived, I couldn't help but think of how much he looked like Jace, they both had Golden hair and eyes with fair skin. The only real difference was that Josh is only seven and obviously way shorter, like a mini-Jace. I laughed softly to myself at the thought.

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