Chapter Ninety Seven

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With Anora agreeing to keep watch of the nesting ground while Charlie left to grab food for the two of them, the woman was determined to have at least one egg hatch before calling it a night.

"Come on you little bastards, hatch already." she whined.

She heard movement behind, too light to be a dragon or a human. She turned around to see Iggy leap out and walk over to her casually.

"Well, well, well...look who it is? Normally you don't venture out this far." Anora said collecting the cat into her arms. "What are you up to, old man?"

Iggy meowed and settled in her lap, letting out a loud purr.

"Did you miss me that much back home?" she chuckled, petting the cat repeatedly over his back. Iggy's tail curled up as he began kneading her leg slightly.

"You're going to live forever, aren't you Iggy?" she smiled.

Iggy had been with her since she was just a girl and she shared far too many memories with the cat to imagine any time without him. She knew he had to be part kneazle because even for his senior age in cat years, Iggy was still spry.

"You have to live forever, that's the deal." she told him.

Suddenly, Anora's head jerked up and Iggy's ears twitched at a cracking noise. She pushed herself up to her feet, much to Iggy's annoyance and got closer to the nesting ground area.

The cracking furthered.

"Oh..someone's coming out to say hello." Anora said excitedly as she climbed through the brush. Cautiously making her way into the nesting area, Anora followed the sounds of the cracking shell. Iggy followed her cautiously prepared to defend his master from the scaly beast if needed.

However, it seemed the mothers had abandoned the nests for the evening to either hunt or sleep, giving Anora the perfect opportunity.

Finally, she came upon the egg that was making all the noise. The Romanian Longhorn egg was cracking and shaking, making Anora smile as she knelt down.

Iggy walked over and tilted his head, several times flinching from the cracking of the shell. At one point, he reached out a paw and whacked the egg.

"Iggy!" Anora laughed. "Be nice. You forget how big these guys get when they're older."

A piece of the egg popped off, and a little snout poked out, taking in a breath of the fresh night air, before snorting loudly.

Anora reached forward and began to help the baby a bit by removing some of the shell.

The baby broke out and rolled out of the nest onto the ground, letting out a small cry.

"Oooh..." Anora leaned down, her knees and elbows on the ground. "Hello there."

The baby's horns were nowhere in sight, but Anora knew as weeks went by that the little nubs would begin to form that would eventually turn into two magnificent glittery gold horns.

"You're going to be beautiful...well you already are, but..."

The dragon waddled over to her, trying to figure out it's own legs, stumbling several times.

"Oh, I'm going to die from your cuteness." Anora said. The dragon began emitting crying noises, calling out for whoever to feed it.

Iggy ran off into the brush from the noise while Anora tried to settle the dragon.

"You know, Roscoe just ate his shell when he came out." she said holding out a piece of the egg shell to the dragon.

The dragon turned it's head away after sniffing it.

"It has loads of calcium." she sang waving it like it was a prized steak. "Good for strong bones if you want to be a strong and mighty dragon one day."

The dragon stared at her and Anora knew she had lost the battle as she set the egg piece down.

"Well fine, I'll head back to the base and pick you up some rats-"

She stopped as Iggy returned running past her and over to the dragon.

"Iggy wait!" she called out, but suddenly she watched the cat drop a rodent like creature in front of the baby dragon.

The dragon quickly scarfed up the dead animal, and then let out a content burping noise.

"Uh..." Iggy walked around the dragon, before rubbing his side against the dragon's chest.

"This is weird, Iggy. Even for you."

When Charlie returned, he found that Anora wasn't where he had left her.

"Why does she always do this to me?" he sighed placing the food down. He was about to call out to her when his hand was grabbed.

He gasped and jerked his hand away.

"Relax," Anora smiled at him, " it's only me."

"Don't do that! You know I could have easily hurt you without realizing-"

"Right..." Anora snorted.

"Excuse you, what was that?!"

"Hmm, nothing! Come on, we have a new baby to welcome!"

"One hatched?"

"Yup! The Romanian Longhorn has made it's debut."

Charlie climbed over the brush, excited to greet the new one, however, he became puzzled when he saw Iggy resting in the nest alongside the new hatchling.

He turned to Anora.

"Don't even bother asking, because I have no real answer for any of this."

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