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~Aphmaus Pov~
I walked out of my room and saw my dad with a beer in his hand. "Hey you get me another beer"he said burping as well. I walked to the fridge and looked for one they were gone. "What is *hic*taking so *hic* long " he said. "They are all gone "I said not looking up. "Go get more grab my id and go"he said standing up. I grabbed everything and left. It took two hours to find a store and then I went home. Then I saw these four boys and they stopped me. "Hey pretty what you doing out this late"one said. He had really black hair and on side covered his eye. "Leave me alone"I said trying to move but his friends grabbed me. "Not so fast don't I get your name"he said now kissing my neck. "STOP"I said yelling. His friends started to laugh and then I saw this other boy walk to use and then punch the kid who was kissing me. "Aaron nice to see you want to join in on the fun"the black hair kid said. "Zane just go home or I will call your brother "Aaron said. Then they all left and I was on the ground. "You ok"he said standing me up. "Yeah ,thank you "I said grabbing every thing. "Why do you have beer"he said looking at me. "My dad"I said starting to walk home. "Want a drive home"he said when I was halfway away. I turned around and said "Sure why not". When we got to my house he said "Be safe". I left and opened the door and put the beer on the counter and went to bed.
                               ~Aaron's Pov~
                When I got home no one was awake so I just hopped in bed. I looked at a picture of my dad. It has been two years since he died and month since my mom got remarried and I like the guy he her happy and gave me a little sister. I went to bed cause tomorrow I had school.

~tell me what you thought of it if it is boring I will try my best to make it more interesting if you don't like it I won't make any more. Bye~

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