Chapter 1: During the years

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6 years later

Natalie's POV

It's been a long time since Carter and Cole faked his death. Let me catch you up on a few things.

When Kayden was two I had another baby. Being the first girl her name was Lucy May Grayson. She has my brown eyes, and light brown hair.

Over the past 6 years everyone has gotten married, and moved out......Except for Cole. He's not married, but he did move out a few years ago. Kayden loves Uncle CoCo, and was very upset to see him leave. Cole still doesn't have a girlfriend but it's a work in progress.

Other then that the gang life has been it's usual. Except for one thing last week....someone tried to take my kids but they didn't get far. Right now I'm 27 , and I can already feel the gray hairs from this job. I'm just so done with gangs to be honest.....

As my kids get older I just don't want them to be apart of the gang life. I don't want to jeopardize their lives for......drugs. I'll have to talk to Carter about it.

"Momma" Kayden smiles, shaking me from my thoughts. The kids and I were sitting in the kitchen, waiting for Carter to come downstairs and make breakfast. But I just know he fell back asleep.

"Yes?" I reply, as Lucy comes up to me and climbs on my lap.

"Uncle Ken, Uncle, Kai, Uncle AJ, and Uncle CoCo are here," He smiled. Uncle Ken is Kent's nickname, ever since Cole told Kayden that you could buy Kent in stores, but instead of Kent it was labeled as Ken the barbie doll.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"We're right here," Kent sang, as they all walked into the kitchen. Kayden ran over to Cole, and jumped into his arms.

"Hey there killer," Cole smiled.

"Hey guys," I greeted.

"Hey Nat," Kai smiled.

"Where's Carter?"AJ asked.

"Glad to see you too," I joked,"And he's upstairs. He's suppose to be making breakfast, but I'm positive that he's asleep."

"Asleep?" Kent smirked evilly,"We should go wake him up. For old times sake." I laughed, as I remembered what happened the last time they woke up Carter.

"It's your funeral," I laughed.

"Lets do it,"AJ agreed. Cole set Kayden down, as they all walked out of the kitchen.

"We should go hide," I smiled, and held onto Lucy as I stood up.

"Why?" Kayden asked.

"Well to sum it up," I paused,"Daddy doesn't like being woken up." I quickly walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway.

As soon as we reached one of the guest bedrooms, I heard Kent yell,"The beast has awakened......again!!!"

I quickly pulled Kayden into the room, then sat Lucy down. I locked the door, and looked for an escape route.

"Mommy why'd you lock the door?" Lucy asked.

"We're hiding," I explained,"If we get caught first we're in big trouble, so stay quiet." I had settled on the window again as an escape route.

I sat on the bed, and watched as Lucy and Kayden peeked out the window.

"Mommy what's daddy doing to Uncle Kai?" Kayden asked. I walked over to the window, and saw Carter beating Kai with a tennis racket.

"Umm," I paused,"Your father thinks Kai is a tennis ball." Kayden and Lucy giggled, as Kai got away and pushed Carter in the pool. I couldn't help but laugh, as a soaking wet Carter emerged from the pool.

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