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The Characters Pt.1

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Apple White

Apple is the daughter of Snow White, and is the lead character of the franchise (along with Raven Queen) and lead character of the 'Royal' side. Everyone loves her and are often hypnotized by her beauty and kindness. She is a princess and wishes to live out her legacy, since it all ends well, unlike Raven's. She is a natural leader and is very responsible. However, she can often be selfish. She is only nice to Raven so she herself could become queen. She can be inconsiderate and not respect the feelings of other people (like Raven). She does not understand that Raven does not want to be evil and she needs to deal with it .

Raven Queen

Raven is the daughter of the evil queen, and is the lead character of the franchise (along with Apple White) and lead character of the 'Rebel' side. She is frustrated with having to be evil, and wishes to go her own way. Most people see her as evil and mean but she is misunderstood and wishes to be herself.

Briar Beauty

Briar is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, and is best friends with Apple. She wishes to live out her life and do as much as she can - after all, she will be sleeping for a hundred years. She loves to party and shop is very social.

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