Chapter 10- BUSTED!

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Haru's POV

   "Shigure," I asked. He looked up from his caligraphy. "Oh, yes?" he asked. "Would you mind.... if I stayed over night? It would make me feel better if I knew Akemi was safe." He drew his eyebrows together, confused. "Uhm, sure. I guess you can stay in Kyo's room tonight." "Ok, I'll go warn him." "Better. It would be weird if he just randomly saw you on his floor tonight."

   I waited outside Kyo's room, but then I decided to check on Akemi. I quietly opened her door and shut it softly. Her room was surprisingly cool and I see she opened a window. Her soft, shiny black hair was perfectly in place. Her eyes were closed and I heard soft, delicate snores from her. I tucked her hair behind her ear. Then (good thing she's a heavy sleeper), I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. I quietly snuck out of her room again. I knocked on Kyo's door and he opened it. "Yeah, baka oushi*?" He asked, laughing humorlessly. I fidgeted and looked at my feet. "Uhm, I'm staying overnight, to check on Akemi and all. And Shigure said to ask if I could sleep in your room." He gave the world's smallest nod. "Um, sure. Have you checked on her yet?" He asked. "Yeah, she's fast asleep." Suddenly, we heard a shriek from her room. "Yeah!" Kyo snorted. "She's fast asleep." I gritted my teeth "Shut up baka neko*!"

*** I believe "baka oushi" means stupid cow. "Baka neko" means stupid cat ***

   I ran into Akemi's room. "Akemi!" I shouted. She was tossing things off her desk. "Oh this is awful!"  Oh god, and I thought something horrible happened. "What's wrong?" Kyo asked. "M-my diary! I LOST MY DIARY!" She buried her faced into her hands. "IT'S A TRADGEDY!!!" Looks like it's that time of the month. "That's it?" Kyo asked. Smooth move, smart guy. She turned to him with her 'You're dead to me' face. I squirmed. That look always got to me. Kyo was scared, but kept a straight face. "IT'S A BIG DEAL, KYO SOHMA!!! MY GOD DAMN DIARY IS MISSING!" Yuki poked his head in. "What did I miss?" he asked oh-so-casually. Akemi was still tossing books off her desk. "My diary went missing." Yuki opened his mouth. Is he about to sell us out?! "I.... haven't seen it." Akemi's head snapped up. She slowly turned to face him. "Are you lying to me? Because you should really rethink doing that. Never ever...... EVER lie to a pissed off girl!" She leaned in close to his face. "EVER!" she whispered. Yuki got a blush on his face. I always knew he had a thing for Akemi. Not a major one, a small one. Looks like that changed. Is he going to now? But he remained quiet. She always intimidated him, but he never showed it. Not like he was the only one. She was beautiful.

   I suddenly felt guilty. Kyo got this look on his face. One that said, "C'mon don't wimp out on me now!" I really wanted to tell her, beg for her forgiveness. Kyo was still giving me that look. Akemi's face was flooded with realization. "You took it..." She said quietly.  Her face turned a reddish color. Like, in cartoons where someone's angry and there faces turn red, that was her. Then she looked down. "You......" she trailed off. I took a step forward. "IDIOT!" She yelled, her fist flying forward, causing me to stumble back a few inches. "SON OF A BITCH! THATS A HUGE INVASION OF MY PRIVACY!!!" She rapidly swung around to Kyo and pointed a finger accusingly. "YOU DID IT TOO, DIDN'T YOU?!" Kyo opened his mouth to protest, until he uttered a "Yes...." "But Yuki didn't. I can tell." She grabbed me and Kyo and pulled us both close to her, about a good 3 inches down. "Now you freaking listen, and freaking listen good. You will get my god damn diary. You will bring it up. You will hand it to me. You will turn toward the door. And I will, literally, kick you out." I looked at her face. It was full of shame, embarrassment, and betrayal. I wanted to kick myself out. I felt like a total douchebag.


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