Chapter Two

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((I added the cast of the characters so far. There will be more characters to come and I will update the cast as I go! Here is a picture of Tessa))

I hear a boy's voice shout from below. At first, I think I am just imagining it, but then I know it's real when I hear it again.

"I'm coming up to get you!" it yells.

The only thing is I will probably be dead on the ground by the time he reaches the top of the tree. Somehow, the branch hasn't snapped yet, but it is hanging on for dear life. I pray some more, my eyes still squeezed shut. Then, I hear the sound of the boy quickly climbing up the tree. How can he climb a tree that fast?

"I...I don't think you can get me out of this!" I cry, my voice shaking.

Even if he does make it in time before the branch snaps, how will he cut me out without me falling?

"Yes, I can. Don't panic." His voice is now very close.

"How?" I ask.

"I'm going to pull you towards me then cut the ropes. Don't worry, you won't fall. I promise."

Something about the confident tone of his voice assures me that maybe, I might make it out of this.

"Just stay as still as you can," he says.

I feel his hand reach out and grab the ropes tied around me. He then gently pulls me closer towards him. I precariously slide along the branch, praying to God that the branch doesn't snap now, when I am so close to being rescued.

"Okay, now I'm going to cut the ropes," he says.

"With what?" I ask, my voice shaking.

"With my pocketknife," he replies.

He then begins to cut the thick ropes, which takes some time. Somehow, the branch still hasn't snapped. Finally, all of the ropes are cut.

"Now, on the count of three, get up and come right into my arms."

"How is this going to work, aren't we both going to fall?" I asked, panicked.

"No, I'm standing on a sturdy branch. I'm going to count down now. One..."

"I can't do this," I say.

"Yes you can. Two..." This is not going to work.


Bracing myself for the worst, I jump up and fly forward towards the boy. I feel his strong arm wrap around me, pulling me close to his side. There is the sound of a deafening crack, then the branch that I was on just a moment ago falls to the ground. I am panting and my heart is still thundering inside my chest, but I am alive. I look up into the face of the boy who saved me and my heart skips I beat. He is extremely handsome, with blue eyes and dark hair.

"Thanks," I whisper breathlessly, my eyes still locked with his.

He smiles, his flawless jawline curving into a perfect smile. I know that I shouldn't be thinking about how hot this guy is while I'm dangerously standing at the top of a tree, but I can't help it.

"Let's get down," he says.

Right. I completely forgot the fact that we still have to get down from here. Great.

" are we going to do that?" I ask uncertainly.

"The same way I came up, just going down. I'll go first, and you follow. Just hold on tight to the branches," he says, then turns around to begin climbing back down.

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