Chapter 10

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It was a Friday. Things between Steve and Tony, well, mostly Steve, had died down quite a bit. People now gossiped about other people while Tony's party became gossip of the past. Steve was extremely grateful for this and the only thing that now seemed to remain different from before the party was the way Peggy treated him. Obviously, she was still not over what occurred and Steve didn't really know how he felt about that- part of him thought she was just being stupid and jealous, the other part of him just didn't care.

He and Tony hadn't really talked much after they went out and got ice cream. The more Steve thought about it, the more he realized how stupid it was that they got ice cream in the first place. That was around a few weeks ago and now they only occasionally made eye contact in the hallways. Things were truly back to the way they were before. Yet, Steve did like Tony a bit more as a friend than he did before the party, just because after Tony apologized to him, he saw a soft side of him and it was a new side that Steve didn't all dislike. They also would sometimes engage in conversations together at lunch, but they wouldn't be long, just side things.

The day was almost over and Steve headed into his last hour class which happened to be a study-hall. Usually, he was allowed to leave early because the class was basically a free period anyway. The only thing he had to do was stay in the class for a few minutes in the beginning so the teacher could mark him down as present. He walked in just as the bell rang and walked over to the teacher's desk. He always waited and the teacher would look up, giving him a nod. There weren't many other kids in the class except for a few more juniors and seniors. It went as always, a few of the kids sat down in actually did work while the others talked or did stupid things all hour. His teacher started to take attendance as Steve waited and after a few moments, he looked up, "You're good to go, Rogers." 

Steve smiled and said thanks before leaving the room.

He walked down the hallways like he did every other day and thought about what to do later. It was a Friday and he didn't have any plans (not that that was a surprise). He thought about inviting Sam and/or Buck over, but he didn't know what they would do. He never knew what to do. All the common things high school guys did were things Steve wasn't fond of. He didn't like playing video games that involved shooting other people to death, or drinking and then waking up the next day with a major migraine. He was almost to his locker when he heard his name. He turned around, seeing Tony jog up to him. "Where you going?" Tony asked, now catching up with Steve. "I have Mr. Strange let me out early every day because all I have last hour is study-hall. What about you?" Steve replied as he opened his locker.

Tony nodded, "Dude, nice. I'm just skipping last hour because fuck it. English makes me fall asleep." Steve just laughed, hearing the one and only Tony Stark's reasoning. "But hey, what are you doing later, I was gonna text you, but now I don't have to." Steve was actually somewhat glad that Tony asked, not having any plans. "Nothing, why?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out or like, do something?"

Steve looked at Tony and didn't show any sign of excitement, but instead wanted to make sure they wouldn't do anything that would cause them to get into trouble, "What do you have in mind? Not another party..."

"No, no. Like I was thinkin' we could just hang out or something like you could come to my house and I dunno, my parents are gone this weekend and I get bored. I'm kinda sick of parties to be honest."

Steve liked the sound of where this was going. He wouldn't mind hanging out with Tony again. He was fun to be around when he wasn't with his girls. Speaking of girls, "Why not just invite Pepper over or something?" Steve questioned, hoping he wasn't coming off as not wanting to hang out. Tony just made his usual face of annoyance, "Ugh, I need a break from Pepper, she never leaves me alone anymore. But look, we don't have to, I just thought that-"

"No," Steve interrupted, "I do, let's hang out." he saw Tony's small smile, which caused him to smile, "Cool, so like do you wanna come over now, seeing as we're both leaving? Or later?" Steve knew his mom wouldn't really approve of him not coming home first before going over to a friend's house but he decided to just call her and tell her over the phone anyway. "Now would be fine, I just have to call my mom and let her know." He took his backpack out of his locker and zipped it up, putting it over his shoulders. "Nice, I just have to get some stuff from my locker and then we can go."

Steve closed his locker after grabbing his jacket and then started walking with Tony.


After leaving school early, Steve rode with Tony to his mansion and called his mom upon entering Tony's long driveway. "Mom, hey, yeah, I'm actually gonna be hanging out with a friend after school."

"What friend?" his mother asked from the other line.

"Tony." Steve notified. Tony looked over at Steve while driving when at the mention of his name, but looked back to the road when he realized Steve was only talking to his mom.

"I thought you didn't like Tony?"

"What, No? I'll just call you later, okay?" Steve knew his mom thought that because he told her himself that he wasn't a fan of Stark in the beginning. But that was then, things are changing.

"Okay, but you know I don't like when you don't come home first, next time plan ahead, please. Love you."

"Okay, love you too..." He said the last part a bit quieter, not wanting to sound like a 7-year-old little boy.

Tony glanced over at him again with a smile, "Love you too." he jokingly mimicked Steve. "Shut up, I couldn't just hang up on her." They both chuckled and Tony entered the loop that led around to the front of the house. He pulled around and Steve noticed a giant helicopter landing pad, which he didn't see the last time he was here, even though it was so big. "You have a landing area for a helicopter?" Steve asked, looking at the front of the house that he had only seen once before. It looked even more amazing in the daylight. There were small palm trees planted outside around where Tony parked. "Yeah, Dad needs it for business or other people fly here sometimes for meetings and dumb stuff."

Steve just nodded, unbuckling his seatbelt and getting out of the car. They both headed towards the front doors of the mansion and Steve thought that this could almost be a hotel instead of an actual house. Tony pulled out his keys and unlocked the front door, holding it open for Steve to walk in, "Ladies first," he grinned.

"Then shouldn't I be holding the door for you, miss?" Steve countered Tony's remark.

"Oh! Good one." Tony pointed at Steve with a nod.

They both smiled and walked in together.


author's note!

hi omg sorry i havnt updated this in forever!! also ik it's really short and it's only a filler but something good is bound to come out of it right! :)))))

(sorry for grammar issues and thingys like that!)

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