Chapter 18

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Yoongi's P.O.V

It's not that I was embarrassed.

Okay maybe a little... A lot actually. I didn't really want to show my non-manly side to Jimin but...

There is a reason as to why I listen to them which really isn't something to be embarrassed about at all.

It wasn't something I was comfortable to talk about, which is why I hadn't talked about it at all. Even when it recently happened. I shut it out, my parents shut it out, I didn't even mention it. That's when my parents started showing up home less and less before only coming to go to sleep and shower.

I was okay with it at first but now I just felt alone.

No type of remembrance of her anywhere in our house, all the pictures were taken down. Her room was cleared out. The funeral was small, and we never spoke a word about her when it was over with.

My little sister, Yerin, died right before Gfriend's debut. She was huge fan who anticipated their debut, especially since she shared a name with her favorite member. I decided I would be a fan in her place, and ended up liking their music anyway.

"Oh look at the lovebirds, they're back." Hoseok chirped when the door opened to reveal Namjoon leading Jin in, never releasing their hands once they sat down.

"Are you officially mom and dad?" I asked, laughing. I was currently sitting on Hoseok's desk chair.

"Shut up." Jin blushed. Reminded me of Jimin.

"Yeah we're dating." Namjoon said cooly, making it sound like it was no big deal. But I knew Namjoon, and inside he was freaking out right now.

"They're cute." Jimin said, laughing with me.

We're cuter.

"You ruined our game of truth or dare." I complained.

"And who's fault is that?" Jin snapped back at me.

"Hey, don't get your panties in a twist. Don't get all sassy because I helped you finally grow the balls to confess."

"Oh but he didn't, I had to for him." Namjoon shrugged and chuckled. Jin hid his face in Namjoon's arm.

"Damn it Jin." I shook my head in disapproval.

"You're so mean." Jimin poked my arm. I couldn't defend myself so I just stuck my tongue out at him.

"See, such a child."

"Says you!" Shit.

"What?" Hoseok asked.


That's when Jimin got the brilliant idea to sit on my lap, facing me with his legs hanging off either side of the chair. I shot him an expression that asked what in the hell are you doing?

"Just getting comfortable." Get comfortable somewhere else. I cleared my throat and tried to ignore him. He rested his chin on my shoulder and squirmed around a bit before settling in one spot.

Damn it Jimin. I probably looked so awkward to the others right now.

"You're not paying attention to me~" He said in my ear.

So needy. I told you I was sorry that I would be ignoring you here.

He reached one of hands up and started playing with the hairs at the nape of my neck, sending a sudden shiver down my spine.

Jimin I swear to god.

I was reluctant to make any movements to push him off, my friends would probably think I was psycho again. That and the fact that I didn't mind him sitting on me with that nice ass of his in the first place, but I mean-

"Hey you wanna play a game?" Jimin suggested. I rose an eyebrow, interested in what he had to offer. I saw all my friends distracted with their own things, not paying any attention to me. Jimin lifted his head off my shoulder and looked at me for a response. I nodded once.

"I bet I can make you blush." He grinned.

"Oh?" I scoff. I peek over Jimin's shoulder and none of my friends were looking at me, thank god. "Game on." I whisper.

"Any boundaries?" Jimin asked which suddenly made me think of how far he was actually going to go in order to get me to blush. I was curious, so I shook my head no.

"Alright." He said shyly, trying to think of something before starting to play with my hair. I didn't mind this, it was very soothing. Didn't make me flustered or embarrassed in any way.

I wanted to say is that all you got? But he seemed to realize that it wasn't going to effect me and moved on.

"I hope it's okay for me to do this." He muttered and turned bright red himself. I looked at him, confused. And then I felt his lips on mine.

Nothing too much, just a peck. And if we weren't in front of everyone else and I could actually respond to him, it would be a whole different story.

I wasn't embarrassed, just frustrated that I couldn't cooperate.

"Hm." Jimin smiled to himself before kissing my nose. I actually enjoyed watching him struggle to think of something to do, and he was really fucking cute, all red and sitting on top of m-

That brought a new image into my head

Discarding the memory now.

Jimin began to leave kisses along my jawline, which made it really hard to keep my composure. I had to clear my throat. Once Jimin noticed that it wasn't effecting me in the way he wanted it to, he attached his lips to my neck, which is something I had not expected at all.

Where the hell is my shy innocent Jimin right now holy shit.

I bit down on my lip, trying to put my mind elsewhere, knowing very well the Jimin was leaving me a nice hickey.

Then he realized that wasn't working either even after leaving a nice red mark on my skin that I would have to cover up.

"What exactly is your weak point huh?" Jimin wondered out loud before staring at the top hem of my shirt. It was had a wide neckline that revealed my collarbones. Jimin smiled brightly at me before leaving kisses down my neck and biting softly on my left collarbone.

"Fuck you." I whispered and sighed and covered my face with my hands as he pulled away.

"Aha! I found it! I win! Your face is all red Yoongi!" Jimin cheered and immediately jumped off my lap.

"Are you okay Yoongi? Do you have a fever or something?" Hoseok asked, observing me. Was I really that red?

"Uh, actually, I think I'm just hot, yeah, I'm gonna go get fresh air really quickly." 

"Want me to go with you?"

"No, no it's fine." He nodded and I jumped up, grabbing Jimin's arm and leading him out the room and outside to Hoseok's backyard.

"Collarbones huh?" Jimin asked, his voice really small as he looked into my eyes.

"You're gonna pay." I smirk, hoping that Jimin was completely okay with me stealing a kiss or two.


Oml that went 0-100 real quick

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