How Could You? [Justin Bieber/ Ariana Grande Fan Fiction]

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Heyyyy y'all this is my new story and it's about Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

Justin is NOT famous, He's just good looking and really rich!... and i might change some things about his family.

Ariana IS famous. But half this chapter will be when she's 14 years old and than it goes to when she's 17.

Justin is a year older than Ariana. Sooo yeah. Hope you like it :)


Ariana's P.O.V

"Ariana! Wake up! You have school!" I heard my mom yell. Its currently Friday.

I got up lazily from my bed and got dressed. I don't get up this easily except on Fridays. Because i just wanna get this day over with so i can go do whatever people do on fridays/weekends.

Oops, guess i forgot to tell you who i am, I'm Ariana Grande Butera. And i'm 14 years old. Well, young. And i live in Florida. I like it here. Its cool.

I live with my mother and my brother. My brother is like, 16 i think.

"Ariana! Be quick! You're getting late." I heard my mom yell. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I said. It was almost summer so it was pretty hot outside so i put on some hot pink shorts and a white top that said 'Wild'.

And than i put on light make up. Only mascara though and a little bit of lip stick.

I grabbed my phone that was under my pillow. I always keep it there while i sleep. I don't know why.

I guess you can call me a fan girl. I love pretty much every celebrity in the world. Well most. So i talk a lot to other fan girls/boys on the internet.

I talk to people most on twitter. I am very careful though. I'm not like talking to creeps and stuff.

I checked twitter before i left my room. I had a few direct messages. I scrolled to see who they were from.




Lam-- Holy sweet jesus. Justin!!

Finally. Oh my god. Justin's like the coolest dude ever. I used to talk to him a lot but he's always really busy so we haven't been talking a lot lately. He's also very very VERY hot. But we're just friends though.

He did tell me he likes me one time though and i told him i liked him back. Cause i do! And than one time he said he loves me. Thats when we had been talking for like a year or something.

And i feel something different when i talk to him. He's so sweet. And i think its love. I don't know though. So i told him i loved him too.

"Ariana! I'm leaving!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs. "Okay i'll just take the bus!" I called back.

Justin sent that message like 12 minutes ago so i guess he's online.

He said 'Hey baby <3'

And yes we do call each other baby and stuff like that and do hearts and stuff. But we're not together or anything.

We're not lovers but more than friends.


3 years later


"Give it up for Ariana Grande!" I heard Jimmy say. I was at the Jimmy Kimmel show about to perform 'The Way' It is my last performance before i go on vacation for 1 year cause i'm going to a school in California.

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