I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“Rayas please let go.” My voice quivered as I spoke. He wasn’t listening to me. I felt his tongue run over a vein and growled when I tried pulling my wrist away. His voice floated through my head ‘I’m out hunting it’s a monthly thing.’ I felt the pin prick of his fangs breaking my flesh. Pure horror shot through me as he started drinking. It didn’t hurt but it truly terrified me. I involuntary shivered and he pulled me closer to him. His lifted his lips off my wrist and I studied the blood dripping down his chin. He looked possessed like he needed something. He wanted more. “Rayas please stop!” I shrieked tears came down my face. He rolled on top of me, pressing his body against mine. He was pinning me down, making sure I couldn’t escape. My eyes were filled with horror as he kissed me lightly on the lips. He kissed down my jaw to my neck. Suddenly he snapped out of his daze and jumped back, realizing what he had done.

“I…….” He couldn’t finish practically blurring out of the room. I pulled myself out of the bed, noticing I was in the clothes I wore last night. I’d have to deal with that later, not to mention a shower, until I found Rayas I would have to worry about looks as my last priority. I ran down the hallways. Where would a half-vampire hide? Is he even here anymore? I thought of one place that I might be able to find him. I ran past the indoor swimming pool, arcade, kitchen, dining room until stopping at the study. Now being one of those high-tech families we had created a safe room which was technically the security room. I flicked the switch hidden behind the window’s curtains. If he was in the house the sensors would pick up on him. One of the large bookcases sunk back into the wall and swung open. The only illumination was the TV screens monitoring the entire Summit family estate. I turned on the sensors, searching for him on the TV. I heard a soft beep and looked at the house map. He was back in my room but then it changed and he was in the kitchen. He kept switching into different rooms. Was he looking for me? I ran back to my room. “Rayas?” I asked. I saw a figure come out of the corner of my room. And it wasn’t Rayas.

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