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The first thing that I register is the blazing sun burning on my skin. It is hot. Like over 100 degrees hot. But this is not the most shocking thing that I observe. What I register next is this; I am tied up in a tree.

Daring to look down, I see that I am a good 25 feet above the ground. My heart begins to pound in my chest like a hammer and beads of sweat roll down my face. Where the hell am I?

When I try to recall where I am, my mind is foggy, like a swirling mist. I can't remember anything. Sheer panic floods throughout my body when I comprehend that I am trapped up in a tree high above the ground. Thick tawny ropes bind my arms and legs to a branch jutting out from the trunk of the tree, and I am extremely uncomfortable.

"HELP!" I call out, my voice ragged. The only reply I get is the twittering of birds. Helpful. I twist my head around, looking for any sign of help, and realize that I am in some sort of tropical jungle.

"Please someone, HELP ME!" I cry out again desperately. But no one is there; I am alone.

"Shit," I mutter under my breath. My shoulders are beginning to throb with the pain from being twisted backwards. What am I going to do?  I suddenly begin to hysterically cry, out of the fear, pain and confusion that I am experiencing. I know that crying won't help me at all, but there is nothing else that I can do. The tears stream down my face and free-fall 25 feet down to the ground. Then suddenly, there is a noise that makes me stop crying immediately and freeze in utter terror.


It's the tree branch, bending down from my weight.

I am going to die. The branch slowly begins to dip down. Panic floods throughout my body like ice; I can't move or cry. All I can do is pray. Hard.

I squeeze my eyes shut, bracing for the moment when the branch will completely snap and I will plunge to my death. I continue to pray, even though I know that I am doomed.

Then, a miracle happens.

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