Chapter 3

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"Anna? Anna? Wake up, sleepyhead, the interviews are in 2 hours."

"Huh... Wait, what?!" Anna bolted out of bed.

"Yeah, it's 12 in the afternoon, the interviews are at 2. We have to be at the venue at 1:30 to register!" Dena frowned, her long blond hair wrapped up in a fluffy towel.

"Oh my gosh." Anna grabbed her towel and sped to the bathroom. Ugh, I am so stupid! How could I have overslept?!

Anna quickly washed her short brown hair with her favorite shampoo and quickly washed with her Warm Cashmere exfoliate. She toweled herself off and checked the time. 12:10. New record.

Moisturizing her skin with her Warm Cashmere lotion, she wrapped her towel around her and walked out to her closet and picked out her clothes for the interview.

"God, Anna," Dena whined as she walked through the door with breakfast, "why do you look good in everything?" Dena was wearing a fitted black dress shirt, a red pencil skirt, and nude heels with red jewelry, and her hair was secured in a tight bun with tendrils around her face.

"Yeah, Anna, how?" Her and Dena's friend Katelyn walked in behind Dena. Her black hair was pulled into a chic ponytail, and she wore a navy blue business suit with orange accents and heels. Her chocolate skin gleamed.

Anna shrugged and looked at herself in the wall-length mirror. She was wearing a white sleeveless dress shirt underneath a dusty rose blazer, and the black pencil skirt accentuated her long legs. She paired this with nude heels and gold accents; she was wearing a gold multiple stranded choker and small gold studs. Her dark brown hair was in its natural waves, somehow perfectly framing her face, and her slightly winged liner and fresh face accentuated her dark green eyes, long lashes, pink lips and high cheekbones.

"Are we ready?" Katelyn checked her watch. "It's 1:15, and the drive takes 10 minutes; we'll be right on time."

"Let's go!" Anna grabbed her brown leather purse, with her phone, wallet, gum, portable charger, and her makeup in it. They loaded into Dena's car and sped for the Smith Tower in downtown Seattle.


"Hello, are you here for the interviews?" The receptionist at the front desk said pleasantly.

"Yes, we are," Katelyn replied, excitement creeping up into her voice.

"May I have your names, please?" The receptionist looked at her list of people to be interviewed.

"Katelyn Afrane, Dena Crawford and Anna Rivers."

"Here you guys go," the receptionist handed them name tags and gestured to the elevator on the other side of the floor. "The interview floor is second to the top. Good luck!"

"Thank you!" Anna smiled at the receptionist as the trio walked into the elevator and shot up to the 49th floor. They were greeted by the site of a crowded room of people, all ready for their interviews.

The sight of all of them made Anna's hands shake.

"Calm down, Anna, you'll get a really good job; you have such perfect grades that anyone would accept you," Dena said confidently.

"Thanks," Anna said as people started getting interviewed in the 3 rooms split into Business and Math, Humanities and Science.

Anna and her friends sat patiently for their interviews, and soon Katelyn and Dena went for their interviews, leaving Anna alone with a room full of unfamiliar people.

"Anna Rivers, to Interview Room 1."

Oh, God.

Anna slowly stood up and walked into the room, her hands clenched.

"Ms. Rivers, please have a seat." An older man sat at a table, hands folded on the table. He radiated a quiet power that made Anna's vision swim.

"Yes, s-sir." She slowly sat down.

"There's no reason to feel nervous, Ms. Rivers," the man smiled, and suddenly Anna's stomach untwisted and she was able to breathe.

"My name's Mark Plieth; I am the head of biology studies at the Varia Space Organization." The man said. "You're interested in an astrobiology position, am I correct?"

"Yes, sir," Anna replied, flashing a confident smile. "Astrobiology has been my passion since I was child."

"And I see that you have a family history with this field, considering that your grandfather was an astrobiologist and now teaches at Stanford University."

Anna's grandfather, Edward Rivers, was considered the pioneer of astrobiology and he did the first experiments with extraterrestrial life forms as a college student in Rhode Island. His dedication and passion to the science earned him numerous awards, and most importantly, his granddaughter's admiration.

"Yes, I was inspired by my grandfather to enter this field of work. I feel like astrobiology was what I was meant to do," Anna said, her head clearing.

"If so, why do you think you should get the job?" Mark raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you see..."


"So, how did it go?" Katelyn asked. They were at Diva Espresso, a cafe on the ground floor of the Smith Tower, devouring ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches and the cafe's delicious caramel Chumley coffee shakes.

"Good, my interviewer was really chill," Anna said calmly. In reality, her and Mark spent the entire interview talking about various astrobiology theories.

"My interviewer was a hottie," Dena sighed.

"Gosh, you really are a hopeless romantic," Katelyn rolled her eyes. "And you have a boyfriend!"

"He deals with me," Dena replied cheekily.

"Attention all interviewed persons, please report to interview area for job postings."

"They've posted!" Grabbing her friends' arms and steering them to the elevator, Anna dragged them up to the 49th floor, heart a flutter.

"Excuse me, excuse me! We need to get through!" Weaving through the crowd, they finally reached the bulletin. Anna, Dena and Katelyn started scanning the lists for their names.

Katelyn found hers first. "Katelyn Afrane, Engineering Department, Varia Space Organization... Oh my goodness, yes!"

A second later, Dena called out to Anna and Katelyn, "Dena Crawford, Astrophysics Department, Varia Space Organization! Katelyn, I'm working with you!!"

Anna frantically combed through the list. Astrobiology Department... "Anna Rivers, Astrobiology Department, Varia Space Organization... Oh. My. God."

"Guys, we made it!" Dena squealed as they walked to the elevator, her eyes shining with excitement.

"Let's celebrate!" Anna said. 

"What are we waiting for?" Let's go!"

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