{ 12 }I Accidentally and Unintentionally Fell in Love .....With a Vampire 12

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Ok, so I posted on quizilla under the name of mysteriessolver101

Remember, she has mood swings because of becoming a werewolf. Now she's becoming more stable.


I put my black bathing suit on and shoved my clothes on over top. Then I put my flip flops on and ran downstairs. I told my dad "bye, I'm leaving" and he said "k, be safe, bye."

I started walking to the lake. The whole time walking there I felt odd. I couldn't put the feeling into words. It was like the hair on the back of my neck was standing up but I didn't know why. I felt like I wasn't alone, like I was followed.

When I got to the lake there was already someone there. When I got closer I realized it was a guy in swim trunks. And not just any guy, my guy.

It was still hard to be around him and not turn into a fur ball but I was working on it. I think because we weren't in his house it made it easier to be me. It seamed when I first see him I feel like turning but after a few minutes I stabilize and I feel like I did before I turned into a werewolf

I smiled and walked over to him. I rapped my arms around his waist and kissed his neck. He giggled and it was so cute. He turned around and held my cheeks. He kissed me. It was just a quick peck but a nice one at that.

I licked my lips and he giggled. Then he kissed me again but this time longer. He pulled my shirt up and rapped his arms around my bare back. I giggled this time.

I pulled away and took my shirt off, revealing my bikini underneath. He said "let's go swimmin'. Ready. " "yep" I said while I took my pants off and put them in a neat pile with my shirt.

He picked me up bridal style and walked to the edge of the water. O, crap was he gonna throw me in. I said "aagaagaa. No don't throw me in. nooooo" I was holding on to him for dear life and he laughed. He said "and what will you do for me in return?" I replied "this."

I was about to kiss him when I heard the most menacing growl I have ever heard but it sounded half human. I jumped out of Chris's arms and tried to grab his hand but he was fast. In a blink of an eye he was in front of me. His teeth were retracted and he was hissing/growling. I tried to look at what he was seeing but I was a new werewolf. Not all of my abilities were at there best. All I could see was someone running at us.

When he got closer I saw him. O god why did it have to be him. There was a knot in my stomach and it felt like I couldn't breathe. "Shit" I crocked out. I tried to go in front of Chris but he wouldn't let me so I grabbed Chris's arm to keep him here, with me

My father was screaming "get your filthy hands off of my daughter you fuck!ng vampire." I let out one silent tear. This wasn't going to end good.

Dad saw me crying and said "if you hurt my daughter I will make sure you have a slow and painful death." I didn't care if Chris was going to push me back. I got in front of him but he put a hand on my waist to push me back out of danger if something happened.

I looked my dad straight in the eye and growled. It felt funny doing this in my human form but I had to get across that Chris is mine and if he wanted to hurt him he was going to have to deal with me first.

I growled with all my might and my dad looked shocked and disgusted. He was frozen in place, for now.


Jade growled and her father froze. All I could think was - $h!t this is not good, $h!t this s not good, $h!t this is not good.

Jade turned around to face me. She whispered "go, I'll meet you at the house. I don't want my dad to try anything. Remember no matter what I love you." She reached up and rapped her hand around my cheek. She pulled me down to her and kissed me. It wasn't a peck but it only lasted 5 seconds. Then she put her forehead on mine.

I sensed something coming at us fast. I didn't want to hurt her father but I also didn't want him to hurt Jade....or me. I jumped in front of jade because she was my first priority. Then I looked over to where her father was but he was fast. he was right in front of me.

Then I felt numb and my eyes closed. What...just...hap....?

I was gone. I didn't feel or think. I just was. It was like I didn't have a brain, like blackness was the only thing I could comprehend..........


Ok, so sorry I'm not posting as frequently but I am going to try and post tomorrow or Sunday. Sorry it's so short but I wanted a cliff hanger. Don't worry I'll post soon.

Ps. I almost passed out once when I was hit on my head and it's like 10 second amnesia. I didn't know what happened and I didn't feel anything. It's like everything went blurry then blank darkness. The worst part was I was at Kennywood, an amusement park, full of people.

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