What's Behind the Third Door?

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"Oh my god I'm so sorry." I gasp walking back out of the room. I quickly close the door and shut my eyes, I will never unsee what I just saw.

A minute later Justin opens the door, now clothed in his boxers and jeans. "Jesus Christ Mads, what the hell were you doing?" He asks sliding down the door next to me.

"I am so sorry." I say keeping my eyes to the ground, I couldn't even look at him. "I-i need your help. Sofia is drunk. I have to get her home, but she is too heavy, so i-" I stopped talking, I knew if I continued I would start I cry. I knew I had no right too, but I couldn't help it.

"Oh. Okay. Well where is she?" He asks pushing himself off the ground. "Downstairs." I say my eyes still glued to the floor."Mads, you didn't-" he began but I cut him off quickly running past him and down the stairs "no." I said as I ran past.

When I got downstairs, Sofia and Anthony were no where to be seen. I had a really bad feeling about this. Justin grabbed MY waist after descending the staircase. I jumped, hitting him in the chin slightly."

"Oh my. I'm sorry again." I said jumping out of his arms. "Babe, what's wrong? He asks pulling my chin up to look at him. "Nothing." I say tearing my eyes away. "I'm just worried about Sof." I lie.

"Uh. Okay. We'll talk later. But for now, let's find her. Meet me back here when you find her, or if you can't. Okay?" I nod my head yes and take off to look for her.

About five minutes later, I go back to the stairs. I couldn't find her. "Hey you see her?" I ask Justin he shakes his head no, then grabs my hand intwining our fingers. I felt butterflies in my stomach at his touch then he pulled me up the steps.

Justin opens the first door, and then the second, and then I push open the third. Jesus Christ! This is not a good door for me.

I literally scream. Justin grabs me turning my face into his chest so I don't see what is happening, but it was too late as I had already seen it.

Anthony stops what he is doing and looks up at us. "Babe, promise me, you will keep your eyes closed." Justin whispers in my ear. I nod , turning my back to them.

There a huge commotion followed by some screams and fighting before Justin's warm hand finds my waist. "Cmon babe. You can open your eyes now. "

I do as he says and see him holding Sofia over his left shoulder as his right hand is on my waist. Then we head home, well outside. Away from that creep Anthony... I hate when Justin is right.

I call a cab as justin sits down in the street, sitting Sofia down beside him. Then I join the two of them, Sofia in the middle, she is out cold. "I told you he was no good." He growls out. I stay silent, I don't need the I told you so right now.

"Madison are you listening to me?" I keep quiet once again. Thankfully the cab pulls up and I hop up onto my feet
Justin puts Sofia in the cab before getting in upfront. I take the seat beside Sofia.

I quickly open the door and flip on the light as Justin follows, putting Sofia down on the couch. "Thanks." I say quietly still not looking at His gorgeous face.

"Of course" he says striding towards me. I back away, not wanting him to touch me. He steps forward again as I step back and again and again until my back hits the wall with a slight thud.

"Oww" I groan rubbing my head as he places his hands on my hips. "Mads, what's wrong? Why do you keep running away from me? If its about what happened upstairs with me and Amy I-" "it's not. I promise. I'm gonna get ready for bed."I practically scream at him I was so nervous and then ran up the steps.

I quickly strip out of my dress and pull on some blue softee shorts and a white camisole before taking down my hair and heading back down stairs.

It was so hot, I thought I was going to melt. I turned up the air and then went to check on Sofia. She was still asleep. I didn't feel comfortable leaving her on the couch, so against my better judgment I went back upstairs to find Justin.

"Just?" I knocked on his door. A minute later it revealed a boxer clad Justin, leaning against the door frame. I kept my eyes at his chest still unable to make eye contact after what I saw today, but it wasn't helping, all I could think about was running my hands down his body.

"Um, can you carry Sof to my room? I feel bad leaving her on the couch like that all by herself." I said playing with my hair my eyes now on the floor.

"Yeah sure." He said with a smile before heading downstairs, he brought her up and placed her on my bed, then proceeded towards the door where I was standing.

My eyes widened as he neared. "Babe. I know you saw me. I- " I cut him off yet again, I couldn't get the image of his naked figure rocking into Amy, her head thrown back in pure extacy as he pushed himself deeper inside of her. "Um, do you mind, if I stay in your room tonight?"

"Course not." He says his hand on my back as he led me to his room.

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