Chapter 1

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You never really stood out at your school, Survey Corps Academy.

You had two friends, Armin and Mikasa. You hung out with quite the group but you only considered those two your friends.

You were walking down the hall, not really paying attention, just kinda wandering when you heard somebody call your name.

"(Y/N)!" Your ears perked up when you recognized the voice. You turned and saw the cutest boy in the world coming in your direction, with the black haired girl in tow.

"Hey Armin." You said, "Hey Mikasa."

"Hey." They both replied.

"(Y/N), come to the auditorium with us. The exchange students are here.!" Said Armin, smiling happily.

"Sure." You replied.

You followed them to the auditorium. When you got there, you three sat with Petra and Hanji.

"Hey guys." Said Petra with a smile.

"Hey Petra." Said Armin.

"Hello." You said

Mikasa just waved.

"Oh my god! Hey guys!!!" Hanji practically yelled.

Four people in front of you turned and told her to shut up.

All five of you laughed. Then the principle came out along with the exchange students.

You barley payed attention. You got that there was two guys from France. One looked bored as hell and the other looked like a douchebag.

You missed a few more, then one guy caught your attention. He was from Germany. He had the prettiest teal eyes, and a really cute smile. Then came the time for him to say his name, and his voice was beautiful.

"Hi. I'm Eren Jaeger."

-End of chapter 1-

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