Don't You Want Me?A Dahvie Vanity Love Story

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Hey guys! NEW STORY! Okay,here are the character profiles.

Dahvie:Hi,I'm Dahvie.I'm 26(A/N:I dunno so don't kill me if I'm wrong)and I like to party. I'm in a band you might know as Blood on the Dance Floor.I also like candy,alcohol,and titties.

Marie:Hi! I'm Marie.In case your wondering what I look like,I posted a picture of myself on the side.This is my life,and my story.I'm 18,and everyone says I'm pretty,but I think they're lying.

Amby:OMG HAII!!!!LOL,I'm Marie's BFFL.I like Blood on the Dance Floor,Black Veil Brides,Millionaires,and I have a little crush on Alison.Did I not mention I'm bi?

Jayy:Hey bitches,I'm Jayy,and I'm in Blood on the Dance Floor. I'm 20,by the way.I'm bi,but I mostly date guys.I'm Dahvies best friend.

Sadie: I'm Sadie. I'm Marie's other best friend. I like reading,singing,and I play drums. I was adopted when I was 5.

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