7.5. Falling???

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With a sigh that almost sounded like a huff out of his cheeks Shehry fell into my couch with his head lent back and eyes shut, he looked tired. Though he hasn't done anything apparently.

It was me who actually put the act in front of Mom and Dad while Shehry on the other hand was only saying yes and no otherwise was silent for the most of the time.

"Its only a few weeks Shehry! why are you taking all this so seriously?" finally I asked as I couldn't stand his reaction.

His head shot up and he looked at me as if I had asked the most stupid question ever. "excuse me?" narrowing his eyes he got up from the couch.

"Maybe you are used to of playing this hide and seek with your parents Haya! but I am clearly not. I don't normally hide things or even lie to my Mom Dad. And the fact is killing me that Dad doesn't know anything about our little enactment" he stated firmly I looked away crossing my arms at my front.

"don't worry my Dad would soon share the good news with Asif uncle" I almost stated to myself when I felt his hand grabbed my forearm and he spun me to face him, there was disbelief there.

"Good news? yahan kaka honey wala hea mera? kahey ki good news? dad ne seedha chamaat lagani hea boothy per meiri" Shehry burst up and i heaved up a sigh.

I gave him a look just to relax the shit inside him. "Shehry! I promise I will set things straight just let my Phupo and Jawad get the message that am taken and...

I halted as a sudden smirk lingered onto the corner of his lips as he tried hard to hide it making me frown.

"Whats so amusing?" I asked faking a smile and he cleared his throat.

"well, you and me?" he moved his index in the gap between us. "sounds anything but real Haya! I wonder why your parents didn't get the irony hidden?" he rolled his eyes at the end.

"and am telling you this is going to break a lot of hearts Haya! You just don't see it coming" he warned me for the millionth of time in past few days and this time I rolled my eyes big time heaving up a sigh.

"Shut up Shehry! will you please stop foreshadowing the troubles already coming in my way? Please?" I literally begged and he shook his head disapprovingly.

"you are the reason behind all the trouble yourself don't forget that" he remarked and I seriously felt like punching his face.

"I wont forget that. Anything else?" with a fake smile I asked but before he could reply Mom and Shaista Aunty came through the open door and only then I realized such an ass I was to keep the door open.

And I gave Shehry the look which clearly stated Shitt! We are grounded

"don't make these faces now. Trust me Haya! Kuch nai ho sakta tumhara, kitna samjhaya tha tumhen...

"Uh, Mom!" before Shehry could make things worse I looked above his shoulder pressing a nervous smile and Shehry's eyes widened and then narrowed as he turned over his heel.

"What happened? Fighting already?" Mom looked suspiciously at both of us while Shaista Aunty only frowned at Shehry.

"Uh yeah umm......" I tried to come up with something.

"Aunty! Sorry to say but your daughter is extreme stubborn and a total drama queen" Shehry blabbered out of nowhere as he walked towards Mom and I frowned in anger and confusion.

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