Chapter 4 - The Society

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Kastali Dun

Claire's eyes flew open when bright sunlight instantly flooded her room. "Wake up, sleepy." Reyr was in her room, throwing back the thick curtains that were to blame for the bright sunshine now dousing every inch of her room. She could do little more than groan and throw her pillow over her head.

"Oh, come now! That is hardly a friendly greeting. Do I not deserve more?" As Reyr spoke, she felt the corner of her bed sag under his weight.

"I'm too tired to get up," she slurred. "Just a little longer."

Why was she still so tired—so drained? The sudden memory from the night before, of the magic she had performed with Saffra, was enough to send her bolt upright. She had done magic, real controlled magic!

"Excellent," said Reyr. "You have changed your mind. Welcome to the world of the living." He tossed something at her, which turned out to be a gown. He must have procured it from her wardrobe. "Get dressed. You already missed breakfast, and I am to take you to see Grand Mage Marcel in a few minutes."

"What?" she shrieked, jumping from the bed. "You couldn't have told me sooner?"

Reyr simply shrugged and grinned before leaving the room. He shut the door on the way out. She quickly bathed and dressed before entering the main area of her living quarters. There on the table where Reyr sat was a tray of food. "Oh, bless you!" she gasped, rushing over. She began shoveling porridge into her mouth.

"No time for that. Grab something for our walk over. We must be off."

She offered him a scowl first, and then plucked up two bread rolls. They left her chambers thereafter. As they went, Reyr filled her in on his discussion with King Talon. "The king agrees, your training must begin straight away. The grand Mage will see to everything. You are to take this seriously, Claire, and learn everything you can. You have a great deal of magic to conquer in a short time."

"Can you tell me a little more about the Society and their College of Magoi? I want to be prepared."

Reyr chuckled. "I hardly think we have time for that."

She opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off.

"I will tell you whatever I can in the few minutes we have, how about that?"

"Anything is better than nothing." She wracked her brains to remember what Cyrus had told her but could remember nothing through her sleepy brain fog.

"The Society is an ancient order, built upon the very foundations of this keep and the magic of the old language. When King Eymar the First selected this place to be the capital of Kastali Dun, he insisted that a college be built along with it. That is where I am taking you now, to the College of Magoi. In case you have not yet realized, Magoi is the plural of Mage."

She clung to his every word.

"The college was established nearly fifty thousand years ago."

She inhaled sharply. Fifty thousand years was a terribly long time.

"To a human, such a lifespan is incomprehensible, but not to the Magoi, who often live much longer than humans do. As for the Drengr, well you know all about that." He chuckled to himself. "Since its creation, the Society has presided over the magical community under the rule of the Drengr monarchy. Its creation was monumental in bringing order to the harsh treatment of humans, magical creatures, and the land itself. Though many looked upon the Society with fear, they could not deny its importance. All were thankful that the king's Magoi were placed around the country to ensure order in all things magic related."

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