Coming home

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While you were on your way back to the Hokages tower, to report back from a three week ANBU mission, you spotted Naruto in Ichiraku. You stop by and say hello and you sit down beside Naruto. "One pork miso ramen!" You said tiredly, but also blissfully "Make that two Old Man!" Naruto said as he slurped up the rest of his broth. "So how did your mission go, [name]?" Naruto said as he impatiently wait for his ramen. "Long... Tiring... I just want to fall into bed and curl up into a ball and... Never... Get up... Again.." You said tiredly as you rested your head in your palm. "Well you still have to go report to the Hokage don't you?" The blonde jinchuuriki said with a smile. "Yeah..." "TWO BOWLS OF PORK MISO RAMEN!" You didn't get to finish you sentence when you were interrupted by the old man. " Mmmmmmm.. Thanks Old Man!!" Naruto said cheerfully as he grabbed his chopsticks and started one what looked like his fifth bowl of ramen. "Thank you" you said with a small head bow to the man.

When you and Naruto finished your ramen he said he would pay. Well you know Naruto well enough that he would ask you to pay for half. You never had a problem with paying for it. "Well you better pay Granny a visit before it's to late!" He yelled as he ran down the road looking for his apartment. -sweat drop-  I guess he's right. I should go to see the Hokage. You thought as you stumbled out of Ichiraku.

You couldn't help but just stand outside of the tower of the Hokage, knowing that you have to enter you just stand there. -sigh- "Well let's get his over with." You said as you lazily make your way to the office of the Fifth.

"Lady Tsuande? It's me [first name and last name]." "Enter" she said as you opened the door. "Ahh looks like you finally made it back from your A-rank mission I see" she said with a little bit of an angry tone. You were scratching the back of your head anxiously "Well you see..." "WHERE WERE YOU THREE HOURS AGO ITS EIGHT O'CLOCK!" the angered woman slammed the desk as she cut in. "I was really hungry and I just happen to pass by Ichiraku and I couldn't help back have a few bowls. Ya know?" You said nervously as she stared at you with anger. -sigh- "Didn't I tell you that right when you step foot into this village when returning from an ANBU, A-rank mission to come STRAIGHT TO MY OFFICE!" She yelled "M'lady please try not to shout at [name] she was just a little hungry that all." Shizune said, and TonTon oinked in agreement. You knew that she had had a couple of rounds already, she was a little out of wack. After a while Lady Tsuande calmed down. "I'm sorry [name] forgive me. I've been all over the place today." She said in a calm, content voice. "Apology accepted ma'am" you said with the slightest grin. "Okay then lets hear that report!"

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