Chapter 45

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My body dropped to the ground making a soft banging noise as I opened my eyes. I slowly pushed myself up only to see I had fallen out of bed. "Why?" I mumbled getting back in it and trying to fall back in sleep.

Which didn't exactly work! Everytime I closed my eyes they opened again about 5 minutes later and I couldn't see if it was already light outside because the institute was on lock down meaning all the windows had a metal plate covering them. It was honestly so annoying and disorietating.

After a little while of trying to fall back asleep I gave up and got out of my bed. I Walked over to my closet throwing a hoodie over my head before walking to the door. As I opened it I could hear voices come out of the study, so I obviously Walked over there, as I opened the door I saw Raven, Sandra and Ferrel. "What are you doing?" I asked as I pushed myself through the small door crack. "Sandra and Ferrel have to be brought to the safety basement." Raven explained as he showed a staircase that went down. "Why?" I asked turning to Ferrel. "We can't protect ourselves like you guys can." She said before walking down the stairs. As I was about to ask Sandra something Arises Walked in. "Alex can I speak to you for a moment."

"I've already told everybody else this but I wanted to pull you aside and tell you last!" "Tell me what last?" I asked raising my eyebrow. "I've been very vague about Slanther's army, and that was for a reason." "What do you mean?" "Slanther's army excist out of a few dark night creature's!" "Like..?" I asked impatient. "One of them is called Jikininki. It's like a decomposing human corps. They died as greedy humans and now all they do is suck the soul out of humans and supernaturals. It's like food to them and they won't stop untill they get it." "And the others are?" "One other one is demons. Now becareful with these. They can't be killed with normal mundane weapons so every single weapon is marked with a shadowhunter mark. Even Ben's and Daisy's are, it's the only way they are effective. They can also be harmed with Fire, something you can make! But Daisy can also be harmed with Fire so use that as a last resort!" "Is there anything else I should know about?" "He's going to have a few flying horses, some with riders some without. Don't think they are like Daisy because they aren't, he'll also have a few creatures with him of different types!" "Anything else?" "Make sure you don't die."

We had all now gathered in the study to have a last talk with each other making sure we all knew what was going on. "Okay so Demons can enter the institute?" Ben  asked again. "Yes, but they are the only ones so it's important we stay inside as long as we can!" "And the Jikininki, how do you kill that?" "Take of his head, sounds simple but they are very fast even though they don't look like that!" "And Slanther? How can you possibly kill him?" "I don't know, but I guess we'll find out soon."

"So uh....anybody any last words?"

Devan asked looking around. "All I can say is that when I moved out here I didn't expect to end here!" Daisy said clapping her hands together. "When I met Alex I sure as hell didn't expect this but I also didn't think i'd end up having so many friends." Ben said smiling. "Well what can I say, you guys saved my life now it's time to save yours!" Partick said as he wrapped his arm around Devan. "All I can say is that this has been one weird year and it's time to end it with glory!" Bella said nodding to me with a smile. "I remember the first time I met Alex and Ben, I was sitting outside Ben's window and he just looked so scared!" Ally laughed. "I remember that!" Ben laughed. "I remember telling my parents I was a werewolf." Devan mumbled. "I sure as hell remember hearing Alex's mother killed my parents." Tyler said somehow smiling. "About that, I think I have been meaning to say something for a long time but I just hadn't found the time yet, untill now." Tyler added making the room go quiet. "As most of you know." He said starting off. "I never met my real parents, I never had siblings. A normal christmas or thanksgiving. I never had that and when I met Alex. She was just this little sad ball of helpless human being. I knew she was like me, she had it written all over he face! And I was determined to help her! I wanted to be her family! We made a code, to always protect those who can't protect themselves. I never thought that that little ball of sadness would end up being the fighter who'm is sitting in front of me. Nor did I ever think i'd have to fight for her life! But I also never thought I would have family! And in all honesty! Alex is my family! I spend so many christmasses with her and her dad, so many thanksgivings. And I WILL fight for my little sister's life." When he finished we were both tearing up to a point where we got up and hugged each other in front of everybody. "That just broke my heart." Willow whispered. When I let go of Tyler he sat down but I kept standing. "I want to say one last thing too." I said trying to keep myself strong. "First of all, I love every single one of you! I really really do! And you bunch always come first! And we all know that there's a chance I won't be alive for much longer! I know what death does to people! It eats you up from the inside all the way to the outside! It makes you go through the worst depression of your life! I don't want that to happen to you when i'm gone! I want you guys to celebrate me for who I was! I want you to remember me! But I don't want  you to stop living because of me! If I die i'm okay with that and I want you guys to be okay with that too!" I said swallowing deeply at the thought of leaving this earth.

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