Revenge P.2 | vi

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As her vampires and human puppets rushed to Nerina, Cassandra made a run for it. Eve saw her and hissed. A worthless substitute after all. Nerina was cutting through her army like a warm knife through butter. It was time to raise the others. She was not going to run from this fight. Or lose it.

Nerina felt alive. It was an all-consuming feeling. With each she killed, she felt stronger, faster—invincible. She knew the plan but the kills remained at the fore of her mind. There were bodies standing between her and Eve but not for long. When a knife went through Nerina's back, she gasped. With her will alone, she managed to push it out healing instantly. The rush had her on a high.

She faced the one who had thrown it as he came at her now with an axe. She made easy work of it. By the time she was done there were pieces of humans and vampires scattered around the compound. Those in the cages remained safe. As an extra precaution, Fionn had charmed the cages. Nothing could go in and no one could come out. Nerina wanted to get in.

The beckoning of undiluted terror, the hammering of hearts and the rushing of warm blood laced sweet with fear and adrenaline. Nerina wanted to taste. At preternatural speed, she was by the cage the screams heightening the thrill. She looked up as shadows rained down at her from the sky. Eve had gotten reinforcements. Standing between them and Nerina was Eve. "This is getting old," Eve commented.

"Then finish it," Nerina said hands out from her sides, the cages to her back.

Eve rushed towards her along with her miniature army. Fionn and the others had made her an army. The strength of a hundred men was inside her—one vessel. It had been more than the talking heads and Fionn had expected her to be able to hold. They had been concerned at first but soon they dismissed it.

The slicing of flesh and the screams of death echoed through the night, red streams stained the ground. With fangs and swords, Nerina created her own massacre. The earth ran red with blood.

Then it was down to Eve and Nerina. It was as it had always been. Nerina threw the swords to the ground. Though already covered in blood she wanted to bathe in the blood of her sire. No. The thought had the side of her lips lifting in a cruel smile. She wanted to feast on her maker.

Nerina and Eve came at each other hard. They broke each other and everything around them in the process. The people locked in the cages screamed, prayed. Sprayed with blood, they could do nothing; caught in the middle. The sounds Eve and Nerina made were that of animals. It was a massive fight, neither falling back nor giving up. Eve finally getting the upper hand managed to stake Nerina in the chest.

Gasping she fell to the ground holding the broken chunk of wood. When Nerina collapsed and went lifeless, Eve smiled. She licked the blood from her lips accepting her triumph.

Eve stopped, the smile fading from her lips when she sensed movement behind her. She turned to face Nerina standing as she worked the wood out of her chest. It had only nicked the side of her heart; it had not gone all the way through. Nerina out maneuvered Eve several times before she returned the favor by stabbing Eve in the chest. Only this time, she deliberately missed. Nerina had Eve from behind.

"You missed little mouse," Eve taunted.

Nerina laughed twisting the stake as she did. "Now the predator becomes the prey." Nerina tugged Eve's head to the side sinking her fangs into the woman's throat. She fed while Eve scratched at her until every drop of blood was claimed.

While she fed, Cassandra came out to stand before them. Eve tried all she could to beg Cassandra to help her. The woman did nothing. Nerina held on to Eve feeding, eyes on Cassandra...her replacement. For good measure, Nerina tore off Eve's head when she was done. Smiling she held up the head to face her before throwing it aside. By the time she was done here, there would be no chance of her sire ever coming back.

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