Maci POV;

I woke up and found myself laying on what seemed to be a couch in a place I had never been before, it looked as if it was a living room but it looked really big and dark it didn't feel homely at all, I slowly got up and felt a figure standing next to me I immediately started kicking and punching but it caught my foot and held me down.

Jacob: "Stop fucking kicking me Maci!"

Me: "Turn the light on."

Jacob: "There is no light in this room."

Me: "What room is this then?"

Jacob: "The basement, if your not going to keep your mouth shut then you'll have to be here wont you?"

Me: "Jacob I will keep my mouth shut, please let me out."

Jacob: "How can I trust you not to go to the police? You was already screaming earlier!"

Me: "Because your my husband and baby father and I don't want to lose you maybe?!"

I felt my body being picked up and taken up a set of stairs, every light in the whole house was off and this seemed like a big house, I put my arms around Jacobs neck and rested my head on his shoulder taking in his scent he started laughing.

Jacob: "You still feel safe around me?"

Me: "I love you so of course I do."

Jacob: "Sometimes love can be deceiving."

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Jacob placed me down in a dark room with just moonlight to brighten it up a bit, I sat on a silk covered bed and watched as Jacob took off his black hoodie and throw it to the ground, he came next to me and whispered in my ear, "You don't love me anymore Mrs Perez, I've hurt you too much." I whispered back, "Jacob, until death do us part I will forever love you."

He was acting so weird it was unbelievable what was he saying about love can be deceiving?

Jacob: "Are you scared of me? I am..."

Me: "Jacob right now your scaring me."

Jacob: "I hurt you Maci, I made you pass out when your carrying our baby."

Me: "It was my fault baby, it was mine not yours."

Jacob: "Should we go for a walk? Get to know the area better? Beans needs walking too."

Me: "Of course, can I wear your hoodie?"

Jacob: "Anything for you."

He took my hand and walked me down a long set of stairs again where there was a light coming from the kitchen and Jaden, Myles and Daniel were eating, the kitchen was a lot bigger than the one back home, we walked straight past it and to the front door where beans was jumping around, Jacob put him on the leash and walked out.

Jacob: "We need to talk."

Me: "Talk then."

Jacob: "I didn't rape anyone."

Me: "Why did you tell me to shut up then? And lie to the woman even though she needed help?"

Jacob: "Because it was the boys not me, why would I rape someone when I'm married and have a baby on the way? Its not necessary and even if I didn't have you I wouldn't I haven't told you this but my mom was raped and what came out of that was me I couldn't do it to another woman knowing what it done to my mom. Baby I'm a murderer not a rapist."

Me: "Baby I'm so sorry, I should have never doubted you for even a second, it was stupid thoughtless and I hate myself for it I kn-"


He pulled me into a hug and wrapped his arms around me tight not letting me say another word after a few minutes I whispered to him, "If the boys raped someone will they hurt me?" , he replied, "Not now your mine and carrying my baby Mrs Perez they'd have to kill me first."

All of a sudden I started crying everything was too much and I kept thinking of Craig's death I couldn't take it.

Jacob: "Baby why are you crying? And don't say nothing."

Me: "Its stupid!"

Jacob: "Just tell me hun."

Me: "The fact Craig is dead, I hate him but I never wanted him dead."

Jacob: "Just admit it you still love him! More than your husband! More than the man that treats you right day in day out! More than the man that loves you through and though! More than your baby father!!"

Me: "No! Your wrong, just wrong! I love you! Why would I marry you if I didn't? Why would I have your child?"

Jacob: "I dunno, for my money?"

Me: "Jacob I wouldn't give a fuck if you was poor or rich that doesn't interest me or makes me love you!"

Jacob: "Then what does?"

At this point we was back in the house and walking towards the bedroom we was just in.

Jacob: "I repeat what does?"

Me: "You do."

Jacob: "Details..."

Me: "You, your smile your looks your charm your.... wait I just sound like a freak if I said that one!"

Jacob: "I might as well show you..." He winked at me

Me: "What's this then? Make up sex?"

Jacob: "I prefer make up love baby."

Jaden: "I prefer it too, come Jacob were horny let us join!"


Jaden: "Bro were joking calm down we'd never take advantage of Maci we respect her too much."

Jacob: "Get out."

Jaden left the room obediently and Jacob sat there angry as ever so I pulled him onto my lap and laid down playing with his curls, at first he stayed tense but then relaxed.

Jacob: "You love me don't you?"

Me: "Yes I do."

Jacob: "And you wont leave me?"

Me: "Not for anything or anyone."

Jacob: "Have an abortion..."

WHAT! WHY! Why would Jacob want me to have an abortion? Why would that thought even cross his mind let alone escape his lips!? He must be crazy! I didn't reply to him I pushed him off of me and curled up into a ball keeping my distance away from him I said I wouldn't leave him, but this is my baby.. OUR baby...


well at least that's what I think...

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