Chapter 14

Claire's point of view

I can't process the situation before i see him disappear behind the door, and i freeze completely, still in the arms of Harry.

"Is something wrong?" he asks, and i consider what i'm gonna say. I probably should say he saw us, but i have to take a few seconds, Harry's worry growing stronger in his eyes. Harry doesn't know that he saw us, and i could just not let him know right now, and try to convince the one that saw us, not to tell anyone and to not let Harry know that he knows. So everything stays a secret.

"No.. But i'm gonna go change, be right back," i say and he kisses me before i leave the room, hurrying to not let anyone see the purple Versace dress that is currently wrapped around my body. I look around to see where he is him, to talk to him and explain everything. Right then i hear a door close, and i turn around and locate the sound -- it came from my room. He went into my room.

When i open the door, i immediately get a rush of anxiety. I have to sit here and explain what he just saw to his face. And i have to persuade him to not tell anyone what he saw. Not even to Harry. I don't want him to worry about people knowing about us. If he knew that someone saw us, he'd probably break it off, and i don't want that.

I find him sitting on the bed, staring right at me as i walk through the door. His blue eyes piercing through me, the eyes that just saw me and Harry kissing.

"Niall, please let me explain,"

"Explain what? How i saw one of my best friends kissing you after knowing you for five days?" he seems more mad than i thought he'd be. I mean, granted that Niall and I have known each other for years, he's acting like he's affected by this. But i don't see how he could be.

But really, i don't know how i can explain it. I mean, it is what it is, i have no particular reason for Harry and I being together. It's still crazy for us to be together.

"No... I mean, yes, but..." i stumble over my words as i search for the right thing to say. After a few seconds of silence, i decide to get straight to the point.

"Please don't tell anyone," i whisper, and a break in my voice occurs, sounding like i'm about to cry, but i'm not. Not only do i want him to keep it a secret from Louis, but Harry as well. I know it's a lot to ask. I've kept a huge secret from Louis these past few days, and it hasn't been easy.

"What? I can't lie to Louis," Niall says, and panic spreads from my chest.

"Please Niall, Louis or Harry can't know that you know," I say, my breaths getting heavier, a familiar horrific feeling taking over my body. It's a panic attack.

"Claire, i don't think i could-" he starts before he sees the tears from my eyes. I lose feeling in the tips of my fingers and toes, and I struggle to stand, the dizziness making me sit down on the bed.

"Claire!" Niall shouts worriedly, rushing over to me. He holds my hand as I struggle to keep conscious. I clench my hand around his palm, closing my eyes and try to calm myself. I see that he's about to call for help, but I stop him. Louis can't see me in this dress, and Harry can't know that Niall has seen it.

"No, don't," I pant as he starts to shout something.

I take control of my breathing and the tears slowly fade away from my cheek. I feel his hand on my back, rubbing up and down to calm me down. He cups my chin and wipes away my tears, and asks;

"Are you okay?" A surprising gut feeling overwhelms me. I feel comfort. Whenever i have had panic attacks, they have usually been in my room with no one to help me through them. But now that Niall's here, with his warm hands on my back and chin, i feel myself calm down and feel at ease once again.

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