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I was going through one of the more complex sword drills when I felt him watching. The blade sliced through the air, flash flash flash along its bright edge.

I think I liked him watching, his eyes caressing my skin as if he wanted to touch and feel me. I completed one cycle and repeated it again, again, again.

His silence was approval and I drank it in like needed sustenance.


His eyes caressed my skin once more as I wrapped my legs around him. His breath was hot, tracing down my neck to my chest.

With a growl, I buried my face against his shoulder. We moved with our rhythms, our breathing mingling together, our hearts synching. I felt the sun-like need build up – and I surrendered to it.

One more night – and I would leave the mountain. And I would leave behind me the memories.


The sword flashed, catching the sun. Along the silver edge, I saw the mountain range and valleys below. I felt him watching again. He held the training stick beside him.

I went through the complicated sword drills for him, my own farewell to him. I had never felt so alive and so dead at the same time. The mountain air burned in my lungs, the earth moist on my bare feet. I flew, but my wings felt clipped at the same time.

"I will come back," I said and knew it was a lie. I also knew he knew it was a lie. "I will come back," I repeated and my voice broke. My heart was also breaking.

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