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Danielle Pov

Chris was upstairs Getting dressed and someone knocked on the door totally forgetting I barely had on any clothes I answered it and it was tyga .

"Uh, Why are you half naked ?" he asked smiling seductively

I looked down and said

"Its my house I can a walk around the that if I want!."

he came in and I hugged him and his hands was getting a little low but I ignored it. I heard Chris come down stairs and he said

"What the fuck? Why you all up on my girl Bro?" I unraveled his hands from across my back and said

"Baby calm down its just a damn hug, I know you be giving them ratchet ass hoes hugs!"

he looked down and i sat on the couch

while they talked I scooter closer to Chris and suddenly I got that urge to wanna rip his clothes off he lit a cigarette and I climbed on his lap and kissed his neck all the way up to his jawline

"Baby wants wrong with you?" he said weirded out

"Baby I need it" I whispered in his ear he grinned and tyga said

"I guess I'll leave now, I know ya girl trynna get it"

they gave each other dap and he left as soon as Chris closed the door I ran up to him and jumped on him and kissed him i got down and ripped his shirt off I got down and then kissed him more he took my shirt off then he picked me up and took me in the kitchen and sat me on the counter he brushed his fingers up against my spine and I shivered he unhooked my bra and I covered up but he removed my hands and said

"Dont be shy baby"

he licked all the way down and kissed and sucked and I moaned. he smirked and came back up to my lips he kissed me roughly as his tongue was in my mouth he carried me to the couch and I slid off his shorts and boxers in one move he climbed on top of me and slid in I moaned loudly as I dug my nails in his back .I literally screamed

"Faster Baby !"

he went faster and he flipped me over and I was on top . I rode him and he put his hands on my waist as I rolled and twisted my hips around he put one hand on my breast and I kept on going I screamed and moaned even louder it felt like I was a virgin all over again! I heard someone knock at the door but I ignored it I got on all.fours and lord help me now!

he grabbed my hair and we were going for so long.. I got back on top of him and moaned .

"I-I Love you baby"

I took deep breaths between each word. he smirked

after that I laid down and he kissed me passionately then went down to my Kitty and licked and slurped and sucked he came back up to my breasts and did the same he slid in again and this time he hit my spot like four or five times after that I came and so did he then he rolled over breathing hard and out of breath I was the same way. after that i tried to get up but I couldnt I was so sore . he got up to take a shower and so did I after we both got out I said to chris as we walked down the stairs..

"baby were gonna need another couch"

he laughed and i said

I said "what?"

he said

"Just the way your like literally limping down the stairs is hilarious"

I slapped his arm playfully and said whatever.

When we got down the stairs and seen the couch it looked really bad it had little claw marks in it from me holding it and it was kinda ripped up and it had our bodily "Milk" on it then chris finally said

"Yes were definitely gonna need a new couch" .

I didnt realize how of a mess we we made until now.

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