Chapter 13

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... A Few Hours Later ...

(Tonia POV)

Call Me A Stalker If You Want To But I Hadda Talk To Him And This Was The Only Time I Had Him Alone...

I Entered The Men's Bathroom And Locked The Door Behind Me. He Didn't Say Anything He Just Continued Doing His Business Like I Wasn't There. But He Knew I Was There.

"So You Just Gone Keep Ignoring Me?" I Asked.

He Sighed And Finished And Went Over To The Sink And Washed His Hands.

"Gemini" I Called.

"What Do You Want Latonia?" He Said.

"I Wanna Talk" I Said.

"There's Nothing To Talk About" He Said Grabbing A Paper Towel And Drying His Hand.

"Really... What Happen To Us?" I Asked Him.

"Really... That's A Stupid Question Dont You Think?" He Asked Me.

"I Mean I Apologized" I Said.

"Man... Tonia What Are You Doing Here Like Literally?... What Do You Want From Me?" He Asked. "Can't You Tell I Don't Wanna Talk To You" He Said.

"Why Cause You Got A Girlfriend?" I Asked. I Guess So Cause Before This Little Girlfriend Of His Gemini And I Talked. Yeah We Talked But Now He Changing Up On Me.

"This... Me And You Not Talking Has Nothing To Do With Tay..." He Said.

"Well Then" I Said Walking Over To Him. "What Should I Do To Change That?" I Asked Running My Finger Down His Face.

I Missed His Face. His Everything. He Absolutely Was God Creation. He Is Too Sexy For Tay And I Guarantee You She Can't Do Him Like I Do Him And She Cant Handle Big Poppa.

"Listen..." He Started But I Began To Tease His Spot.

He Groaned Then Pushed Me To The Wall And Pinned Me There.

"I Knew You Was Craving" I Said As He Held My Hands Over Head And Ran His Hand Down My Back Towards My Ass.

But Then He Moved His Hands To My Neck And Held It There. I Started Gasping For Air And He Whispered In My Ear.

"Try That Again And I'll Cut Your Ass In Pieces And Feed It To The Dogs" He Said. Then He Took His Hand From My Neck And Let Me Drop And Left.



Me And The Boys Were Chilling In A V.I.P Spot... The Girls All Were Somewhere... I Presume The Dance Floor... Dancing Ain't Our Thing So We Sat And Chilled And Watch Everybody Dance. We Had A Good View To.

"Why You Not With Tay On The Dancefloor?" I Asked Gem.

"Cause I Ain't A Dance Floor Type Of Guy" He Said. "Plus What I'm Gone Do On A Dance Floor?" He Asked.

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