(23) ~ recorvery ~

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" she's lost to much blood" Gibbs said looking at you passed out in Tony's arms as McGee called an ambulance. Tony lifted you up and onto the stretcher still unconscious and climbed in the back of the ambulance with Gibbs. " please don't leave me" he whispered holding your hand worriedly. " she will be ok DiNozzo" Gibbs said looking at his worried face.  You arrived at the hospital and had to go for emergency surgery. " come on. Where is she. It's been 3 hours" Tony said in an even more worried tone pacing up and down the hallway. " she's fine " Gibbs reassured Tony. Then a nurse came through. " she has lost a lot of blood. Luckily we got the bullet out and there stitching her arm up now. She will be completely fine" the nurse said to the two. " oh thank goodness" Tony said sitting down still terribly worried. " come this way please" the same nurse came up to them a while later and lead them to where you where sitting with a water bottle. Tony rushed up to you and gave you a big hug. " I thought you where dead" he said at the point of tears. " I felt like it. I'm fine now though" you said holding him tight. ~ I hope~ you then thought and He let go and you stood up still a bit shaky. " your ok" Gibbs said and gave you a hug. " I think" you said still unsure. Another nurse came in with a clipboard. " she will be fine. If she gets any more dizzy spells or feeling sick come back straight away and we will get her fixed up" the lady said with a smile and walked out to help the other patients. " how do you feel?" They both asked. " better than before. My legs hurt though. And I can't feel my arm" you said looking at your arm making sure it was still there. " come on we will help you" they said and they wrapped an arm around you and you walked out with them. You climbed into the passengers seat of your car and let Tony drive. He went back to Ncis. " why are we here again?" You asked confused. " everyone wanted to see you to make sure you where ok after you got fixed up" he said and climbed out the door and helping you out. " oh ok" you said and held onto your Ncis jumper. " let's go. Be careful in the elevator though" Gibbs said and followed. You arrived at the bullpen and everyone was there waiting. " (Y/N) YOUR OK" you heard Abby yell and come jogging up to you and giving you a hug. " be careful Abs" Gibbs said and went to get your bag packed. " I'm all fixed. For now " you said and Abby let go and you walked back to your desk grabbing the bag of Gibbs. " thank you for packing it" you say and he smiles a ~ it's fine~. " it's nice to see you again" McGee, Palmer and ducky said all smiling. " thanks. It's nice to see the faces of my family again" you say and yawn. " I'm tired now" you say and put your jumper on. " come on. DiNozzo your with us for the night" Gibbs said and grabbed his keys and his coffee off the his desk. " yes boss" he says and follows Gibbs out with you. In less than ten minutes you arrive at Gibbs house.  You rush in and run up to your room and kick your shoes off and then quickly took your blood covered jeans  off and put a pair of comfy sweat pants on as Tony came in the door. " where'd ya go?" He asked yet again worried. You quickly changed your tshirt into a baggy one and put your jumper on and walked out of the wardrobe. " feel more comfy?" He asked and you nodded smiling. You stared at that box laying on the floor. " we really need to do something about that" you said sitting down on the bed. " we can tomorrow. It's the weekend tomorrow" Tony says happily " how's your arm?" He asked and pulled you over into his arms gently. " better" you said laying your head on his chest. You rolled onto your back and looked at the ceiling bored. " let's go watch tv. It's boring in here" you say and he agrees and you both run out into the living room like a pair of children. You plopped yourself on the couch and Tony followed soon after.
" here. I made you this cause it's cold" Gibbs said and handed you a mug with hot chocolate in it. " aww yum. Thanks. your  the best " you say happily and drink it. " now I know how to spoil you" Tony says laughing and you smile happily still laying against him. A while later Gibbs came out with a blanket and put it over the two of you. " goodnight" he said and kissed tour forehead. He picked up the mug and laid it in the sink silently and went to bed.

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