(22) ~ end of a big case ~

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a few days later McGee  came running in the bullpen.  " (Y/N) WE FOUND WHO KILLED YOUR PARENTS" he yelled and looked at you half smiling. " let's go" you say angrily and pull your gun and bullet proof vest out and put it on. " woah calm down Hun" Tony said and you looked at him with tears. " I miss them so much" you say and sit down against your desk with your head in your lap. " it's ok. I'm here for you. Where gonna get the people and kill them to" Tony and Gibbs said sitting down next you. " really?" You ask in between sobs. " definitely. I need you to come though" Tony said and pulled you close and wrapped his arms around you not letting go. He pulled something out of his pocket and put it in his hand I front of you. " (Y/N) the last few months has been amazing with you. I care so much for you and I don't want to let you out of my sight. I love you so much. Will you marry me?" Tony asked holding a ring  out Infront of you with you still in his arms. " yes" you said holding his neck and he gave you a huge kiss. He took your hand and put the ring on it and you looked at it. " it's beautiful" you said. " congratulations" you heard and looked up and Abby , McGee , Gibbs, ducky and Palmer where standing behind you. They waved. You let out a small laugh. Tony picked you up holding you tightly.  " back to what I was saying. Let's go get them people" McGee said and you nodded and Tony put you down. You grab the keys to your car. " well I don't even think I need to tell you who's going with who" Gibbs said and me and Tony where already in the elevator waving. " wait. We should of waited for them. We don't even know where we're going" you said laughing a bit. " yeah we kinda should of" Tony agreed joining in laughing. You both climbed in the car and then Gibbs and McGee came after you and got in the car driving out of the driveway and you followed. You arrived at a  house with blood on the Windows. " ready?" You heard Tony whisper in your ear. " I think" you whispered back. " (Y/N) you can kick the door of you need to" Gibbs said and you nodded. You leaned against the door. You grasped the door nob and tried to open the door. " 1.......2" Tony said "3" you yelled and kicked the door down. " again" he said laughing. " NCIS come out with your hands on your head" you yelled and three people came out with guns. They started shooting and the four of you hid. As you hid behind the door one of the bullets hit your arm. " arrrrr" you moaned in pain and clasped your arm. " you alright?" They all asked worriedly and you shook your head and let go of your arm to see blood all over your hands. " crap" Tony said and pulled you close looking at your arm. He ripped some fabric off a bed sheet and wrapped it around your arm. " thank you. " you said and you took your place at the front of the group against the door. You shot out and it responded a steel bar and hit someone. " 1 down 2 to go" you said and then shot another. " now 2 down and 1 to go" you say. " hang on listen"  Gibbs said holding you back from firing. The bullets stopped you peeked out through a hole in the wall. " there coming" you say with wide eyes. " hide" Gibbs said and you and Tony jumped under the bed and Gibbs and McGee jumped into a wardrobe. A lady entered the room. " where are you" the lady said. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket but no sound. You pulled it out and saw a message from Gibbs.
• shoot when your ready• you smiled at the message. " what?" Tony whispered. " Gibbs said I can shoot when I'm ready" you replied and he nodded. She got close to the bed. She started to lift the covers of the bottom to reveal me and Tony then you shoot her and she goes flying against the wall. You climb out in a flash and shoot her again making sure she was dead. " that's for killing my parents" you yelled at her and Tony and Gibbs came out from under there hiding places. " well done" they both said and you flicked your hair out of the way as you picked the body up to reveal your mums co-worker. " I thought it would be you" you said eying the body. " alright. Let's go now" Gibbs said and took the body and bagged it. You smiled happily and climbed into your car heading back to Ncis. About an hour later Gibbs pulled you all up to discuss what we found about another case. You took a drink before coming up. ~ geez I don't feel right~ you said to yourself. You got up and started to feel dizzy. You hobbled over loosing your balance a few times and nearly falling and clenched onto Tony's and Gibbs shoulder tightly. " do you feel alright?" They both asked. " hope" you shaking your head gently. " everything's spinning" you said and fainted.

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