Cinque- Angelique

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"Amò essere amato dà tè."

"I love being loved by you."


I pace outside of Aubrey's room.


That woman knows how to get under my fucken skin.

"You need to tell her, ya know." My head snaps up and I see Reese peeking her head out of the room next to Aubrey's. She slowly makes her way out and stands in front of me with a frown on her face.

"I am not going to hurt her. Plus, she won't believe me." I talk low for Aubrey won't hear me. I rub my face with both hands and sigh.

"Since when do you care about hurting her?" She snaps at me. I glare at her. "Either you tell her, or I will." I grab her arm and yank her into the room across hers.

"Let go of my arm, Fabio." She says through gritted teeth.

"Don't push my buttons, Reese!"

She tilts her head "Or what? Are you going to kill me? Or are you going to lock me up in the basement again?" I let go of her arm.

I meet her angry gaze "Get your nose out of our business. I'm not like Dino, or Emilio. I won't take your bullshit. Tell me; what do you know. Let me rephrase; what do you think you know?" I cross my arms and wait for her answer. I know for a fact she doesn't know shit about this situation.

"I know Tanner owes y'all a lot of money."

"Oh? Is that all?" I challenge.

"Look. Does it really matter? You can't send him to new York. The Chinese Mafia will kill him or worse; torture him until he's begging for death! So he owes you money, so what." She shrugs. "He can pay it. Tanner will pay you. He always pays you back. Just please, Fabio." Reese says, begging with her eyes.

I stare at her blankly, trying not to get too angry.

This is, after all, Aubrey's bff. I roll my eyes.

"Gesù Cristo. Stay out of our fucken business. If I have to tell you again; I'll make sure Emilio locks your ass up in the basement." I get in her face. "And this time, I will leave you there for a month." And this time I'll throw away the god damn key! Don't test me." I move past her, but stop when I remember Aubrey being hungry "Oh, and tell Amy to make food for Aubrey."

I open the heavy brown door and leave.

Woman. They think they know everything.

* *


Twenty minutes later there's a knock on the door.

I'm laying on my stomach so I roll over and groan. My God, why can't they leave me alone already?

I lay there for a couple of more seconds before getting up to open it.

"Aubrey, dear. Thank God you are okay. Come here." Angelique, Fabio's mother, says and pulls me into a hug. When she let's me go, she starts looking at my face, arms, and legs.

I frown at her.

"Um, what are you...?" She cuts me off.

"Did they hurt you? I promise you if they even tried anything: I will kill them myself."  I flinch at her anger.

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