because of you...

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She listens to that same song,

because it reminds her of you

She looks at all these pictures,

because she's sitting there remembering you

She hears your voice replaying in her head,

because she misses you

She cries staring off into the rain,

because she can't forget you

she can't seem to move on

because of the haunting past with you

she always wonders what would've happened if she left earlier

because she wants to get over you

she tortures herself

because she tries to get back to you

she tries to get a grip of reality

because she keeps on leaving you

She smiles sadly when she thinks of you,

because she keeps on loving you

She's breaking slowly inside,

because she's hurting over you

she's tripping over words whenever you're around

because she doesnt want you to know she still remembers you

she cant tell whats real anymore

because she keeps on dreaming about you

She wants to run away,

because of all the lies you told her and the truth she told you

She keeps saying those final words,

because it's the freshest memory of you

She always feels like screaming,

because of the silence whispered from you

She's so insecure,

because she thinks everyone will hurt her thanks to you

She finds comfort in a blade,

because of the pain inflicted by you

She sleeps almost never,

because of the nightmares that present you

She feels trapped,

because of the suffocating walls closing in on her and you

She has no escape,

because these chains belongs to you

She's so shattered just like a mirror,

because the glass broken keeps cutting you

She hungers for a sense of direction,

because she lost all ways to go after you

She's faded,

because of the love she once shared with you

She hides from that feeling,

because she doesn't want to feel anymore for you

She regrets ever falling,

because no one was there to catch her, where were you?

she realized just a little too late

because her only thoughts are of you

She's falling apart,

because everythings cracking just like you

She's waiting for an end or a new beginning,

because she's learned there's no happily-ever-afters from you

She fakes her beautiful smile, steals it away from the world,

because she can't smile to even show you

She's lonely,

because of the burning emptiness inside of you

She wishes she was dead,

because she's afraid to even walk by you

and she finds it hard to breathe

because when he left he took away everything from her


Everything i do  NOW

Is because of you



tell me whtcha think?<3


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