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She moved like an angel, becoming one with the melody as it played loudly in the background

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She moved like an angel, becoming one with the melody as it played loudly in the background.

         Cree was oblivious to my observing her as she danced in the studio while I watched in the next room through the two-way mirror. She'd said she would be dancing after school and seeing how she'd given me permission to watch her, I followed her. I just wanted to see if she could really dance and as I stood following her movement to Beyoncé's "Dance for You" it was unanimous, she could.

Cree was more flexible than a lot of the cheerleaders at our school, and despite it being "Cree Jacobs," she was a sexy dancer. She knew how to shake her ass and hips sensually, instead of the ratchet way known as "twerking." Her moves weren't explicit, but art. Her dancing was a motion picture.

I was too caught up watching Cree dance and I nearly missed my cell phone ringing.

A glimpse at my screen told me Marcus was calling.

I went back to watching Cree as I answered. "Yeah?"

"Workin' hard or hardly workin'?"

"It wouldn't work unless it was hard."


I shook my head, dazed. "Nothing. What's up?"

"Nothing, where you at?"

"Right now? Watching Cree."

There was a pause on Marcus's end. "Do I wanna know why you're being creepy?"

"She said she danced and I wanted to see. We're just friends."

Marcus sighed. "Don't do it, Dre."

I rolled my eyes. It wasn't like I had the urge to mess with every girl I came across. "I don't want anything, Marc, she's not my type."

"Doesn't matter, you start off friends and the next thing you know you're cutting on the living room sofa."

"Speaking from experience?"

"Something like that."

You hear about it all the time, girl meets boy, they hate each other, and then they fall in love. This wasn't that type of story, because to be blunt, that shit was wack. I had too much on my plate to settle down and catch feelings for a girl like Cree. She was the good girl who wouldn't give it up and I was the bad boy who would only hurt her in the end. Besides, there was nothing there.

"Please don't act like our being friends will result in something more. It is possible for a boy and girl to be friends."

Marcus snorted. "No, it's not."

"So you're saying you couldn't be friends with Cree?"

Marcus took a moment to think, but I already knew he would say he could due to Troiann. "Eventually I'd get curious enough to smash."

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