Chapter 1

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The morning was a cold one, the seasons were shifting the wind leaving a cold bite at the end of your pink tipped nose making you wear layers and coats as winter was drawing closer and closer.

Catalina wasn't a huge fan of the winter because she never liked being cold but it was always a good excuse to stroll into the coffee house and get a nice hot cup of coffee. She had a daily routine lately and it was to come here every morning always ordering the same coffee and a pastry which varied depending on the mood she so happened to be in.

A she stepped inside the cafe the familiar ding of the bell overhead rang throughout the small place as she smiled at the owner. "Morning Cristo" I say at my friend as he had his apron already stained with coffee and flour on it his dark curly hair pulled into one of those man buns that seemed to be all the rage now.

He luckily could pull it off or I would have cut his hair by now. As I leaned over the counter I grinned spotting my pre-made coffee. "Right on time as usual" he says as I wink. "Of course how could I skip out on this place?"

Cristo laughs softly and walks over to the pastry section. "What is your pick today maybe a muffin? A cupcake?" He suggests wiggling his eyebrows and I shake my head. "Give me a blueberry scone" I say feeling my mouth almost water at the sight as he puts it on a small platter for me.

I pay with a tip and walk over to my favorite window seat letting my coffee cool and pulling my book of the week onto the table opening to the marked page I stopped at. As I leaned back into my seat I became lost in the pages not even noticing the ring of the bell as more people came into the cafe.

Stefano stepped inside the little place that was so called a cafe, he of course had seen some much better but there was a home essence to this place he started liking. He wore a crisp dark navy suit with gray undershirt and silver watch that was worth more than this whole building entirety. He walked up to the counter eyeing the man with a knowing smile. "Black with two cubes sugar sir" Cristo says smiling as he nods giving a slight twinge of the lip and taking his order and walking to a table sitting and checking his phone for more information and details of his work which seemed very frustrating lately because ofcourse people who owed him money always seemed to end up broke when the payment time was due.

He set down his phone with a silent huff and sipped his steaming cup of coffee scanning the cafe when he noticed a woman with dark hair that was pulled into a messy bun her glasses rimmed black and thick her nose buried in a book she seemed very transfixed in. The steam was fogging her glasses slightly as she crossed her legs as his eyes traveled down taking in her white sweater and black jeans with boots and her side bag on the chair.

She nibbled on her scone as she flipped through the pages. His curiosity grew wanting to know this woman. She was not his type at all the usual girls he slept with were models and celebrities but she seemed different.
He finished his coffee and walked to Cristo asking to send information on her to him as he raised an eyebrow but followed orders as he left. Catalina only saw him as he walked past the window noticing his dark features and expensive style before he disappeared into the cold air.

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