Carlos~ Ditching with Cupcake

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*Carlos's POV*

I was late to class but the deep blush on Eliza's face was worth it. Usually the teachers didn't say anything to me about being late or talking in class. Well at least after the first week of school. They wouldn't dare. But this one teacher can't seem to comprehend the power I have. I am the prince after all. And I overheard my father in a confreance, and learned enough to know that they need our alliance. Cause if we're not friends then...we're enemies right? Not only that but as much technology as we have shared with them, there is still plenty that they would never dream over that we have not shared. And there have been tensions between our races. Anyway I have a sneaking suspicion that when I entered the class I was smiling like an idiot.

Mrs. Gurtrude saw me before I even walked through the class. How the hell she did that I will never know. And to be frank she is a little scary. And I don't scare easily.

"Mr.Darius. You are late to my class," she like a robot. Her head was bent down and she was writing something on a black piece of paper. How could the woman even see me?

"I know," I said raising my brow at her as I plopped down in the front seat. She looked up, with her eyes void of any humor and twisted her lips. She had deep lines in her face and glasses slipping down on her narrow noes.  And gray hair clipped back. She was pretty drab looking. 

"Good, then you can go to the office and let them know as well," she she said icily. I rolled my eyes and stood from my seat. I was in too good of a mood to argue. And I had a feeling that I wasn't the only one late to class. I snatched the paper out of her hand and headed to the office. Now where is my Cupcake?


I saw her before she saw me. I watched Eliza glare at the black slip in her hand and shuffle down the hall way. She glanced up and caught my stare. Slowly..a grin broke out on her face to match mine. I met her half way.

"Was someone late for class? You know that is very irresponsible. You should manage your time better," I chastized. She put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes.

"You are right, next time I won't let some guy walk me to class and then shamelessly flirt with me," she said. "I'll just say Hit the road Jack,"

I was confused. "Who is this Jack?" I asked. Eliza barked out a laugh.

"Nobody. Never mind," she said with a smile, waving it off.

I stepped closer to her. " Just some guy walked you to class? You sure about that sweetheart?"

She stuttered. "Uh yeah."

We'll see about that. "Wanna do something fun?" I asked. She looked unsure but nodded anyway. I wanted some time alone with her to "hang out" as she put it. I grabbed her arm and pulled her down the hall way. And then we were running.

'Wha- Carlos! Where are we going?" she whisper yelled. I had no idea.

"To hang out!" I told her. 


Clothes were bought for me. I have never been to the mall and never wanted to go to the mall. And Eliza wanted to. She said there is food there and a bunch of people.

So I said no of course.


"UUUUhhhh.  There are no fucking parking spaces Eliza. Why can't I just have one of these towed. They wouldn't mind!" I groaned. I couldn't see her but I knew she was rolling her eyes.

"You can't just do that, now matter how much power you have," she critcized. I noticed she said power with a hint of disgust. Does it bother her that I am a Prince and heir to the Falcon thrown?

I quickly banished the thought from my mind. And I felt a wave of relief when I spotted a space. I parked then grabbed Eliza's helmet and hooked it around the handle. She had helmet head like she always does after riding with me. But it looked kinda...cute.

"What?" she said fixing her hair. "Do I have something on my face?" she asked.

"Nope, lets get this over with." I said and walked ahead of her towards the entrance. 


I heard Eliza's quick footsteps to catch up with me. I noticed she took off her jacket and left it on the motorcycle. She had on a blue top that showed off her slim shoulders and a sliver of tummy. She looked sexy. It reminded me of the blue dress she wore on the night I met her. Stop thinking about that you are gonna get a hard on in the middle of the mall. 

"Isn't it too cold for that little shirt?" I asked gesturing to her top as we began walking around aimlessly.

She looked down then back up at me. "No. It gets warm in here anyway." she said casually. I was not a fan of her revealing that much of herself. There are men here. There were Falcon men here, I saw as I looked around.

Be calm. Don't get angry. I know she will be upset with me if I flip out and try to control her. I press my lips together and nod. She gives me an odd side ways glance then looks away.

 I followed her up the escalator but made sure I stepped off first. I grabbed her hand and helped her off. As she released my hand I gripped it tighter and continued to walk with her. I caught a look of surprise on her face as she looked from our hands and then back up to me. But I just ignored it cause there was no way I was letting go. I was staking my claim.Letting every Falcon and human male know. She was mine.

Eventually she relaxed and gripped my hand back. As we continued to walk I saw her tense every time someone starred at me and then her and then our hands. I should have realized I would be recognized immediately and that she may be uncomfortable. She wasn't like the other females who would cling to me for attention. And I like that. I like being wanted for me and not my title. fear is that what if she doesn't want me..or my title.

I leaned into her ear. "Are you okay?" "Do you want to leave?" I asked with hope in my voice. I hate fucking hate the mall.

She gave me a look of appreciation but to my utter disappoint she shook her head.

"No actually, there is a reason I wanted to come here," she admitted.What? There is?

We stopped in front of a glasses store and I folded my arms and gave her a bemused look. 

"And why is that Cupcake?" I asked.

"To get a dress for the ball you invited me to," she stated.

"I thought we should...match or something," she said shyly.

"You want to match with me?" I asked grinning. I knew I was putting her on the spot but it was just too much fun.

Her shy smile turned into a look of annoyance.

"Not anymore." She said threw back at me as she turned and stomped away. I laughed then ran after her. I turned her face me and slapped my hands together.

"You wanna pick out a dress? You wanna match? Lets match baby," I said. This was gonna be fun.

hey everyone! I know I mostly do Eliza's POV but I wanted to give you an inside on our beloved Carlos Darius! I'm gonna do more in chapters with his POV. I've been told it is funnier that way and I enjoy writing his POV win. I hope everyone keeps up with all the chapters and don't forget to ask question, comment and tell ur amigas and amigos and familias!! I'm going to have more time to post  cause guess what FINAL EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! Oh and happy belated MLK Day!! ( I know that was last week but who cares) Peace Out lov ya'll

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