Chapter 1

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Lucy POV

I was walking to the guild with plue in my arms. I felt so depressed and tired. After those few days, I didn't know whether I could take it anymore.

Being ignored by your whole family sucked a lot. Excluding the few people who actually cared for me, which I appreciated a lot, everybody just, changed.

After some time I was already in front of the guild doors. I opened the door and walked straight to the bar where I saw Mira, Wendy, Lissana and Levy talking.

"Hey Lucy!" The girls gave me thair most brightest smile.

"Hey guys." My voice was hoarse.

"You okay Lucy? Your voice doesn't sound too well."

"It's just a little bit of a soar throat.

"Lucy. . . I'm really sorry about this. About what's happened to you in the guild. If it wasn't for me-" Lissana looked down in guilt.

"It's ok Lissana. At least I have you guys. . ." I said trying to give my cheerful smile.

It's starting to get tougher to keep up the facade though. Everybody knew I was depressed, judging from my eyebags and messy hair. This guild was starting to give me anxiety just by entering it, who knew that more worse things were to come.

"Lucy cheer up. Here. Happy birthday! We brought gifts for you. The others are coming to give you a big surprise. So please. . . . Dont feel sad. We will feel sad to." Levy said.

"Thanks Levy!" I said giving a real smile now.

I've never thought anybody would remember my birthday, even my friends. But nothing could compare to what happened next.

"Lucy. . . " I turned around and surprisingly saw Natsu and Er za looking at me expressionless .

"What do you want?" My smile turned upset down the moment I saw the two mage.

"We gotta talk, outside."

"We decided to kick you off the team and replace you with Lissana. No offense but you're just a burden to this group if you haven't realized. You're a crybaby and a weakling who just need rent money. Lissa-."

"Did Gray agree to this." I was about to cry and scream but I held it in.

"He didn't but I know that he will accept." He said with a blank face.

"And how would you know."

"Cause I'm in charge of this group so I make the choices here."

"So much for being a good leader."

I left the guild before he could say anything. I'm tired of their bullshit to be honest.

I dont really care anymore. I dont care of what they think. I dont care of what my friends think. I don't care of what is happening. I dont care. I dont care. Jt doesn't matter anyways.

Because I know. . . . That I am weak. And im gonna change that. Starting from now.

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Hope you guus like it. Im kinda proud of it. Anyways I hope you will like that story.

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