Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

~At the Autobot base~

"I cannot believe the nerve a' that femme! Honestly! We go and save her life 'cause some  idiot-ahem, JACK- chased her off and she just runs off without thinkin ta get me! Come on! I mean, she would love me if she got ta know me! And I'm probably the best guardian here! Why I oughtta'-" Shiftgear paused in his rant to take a few breaths before continuing.

Ratchet's optic twitched as the minibot continued. He'd been going at it five hours after he and Optimus had returned. While many found it absurdly entertaining, Ratchet's naturally thin patience and restrain was wearing thin. Especially with this mech running around. He'd already destroyed quite a few of his tools in the process, to!

Shiftgear was seething with anger as he finally finished his rant. Hearing the snickering, he whirled around to face Bulkhead and Miko, who burst out laughing as he glared. "Oh, you think this is funny? Who think this is funny? Well?! Do ya?! Will you still think it'll be funny when I kick your aft?"

This time everyone in the room burst out laughing. "Oh, Primus! You're hilarious Shifty!" Miko giggled.

"Shifty? Shifty? My designation is Shiftgear! How do you get Shifty out of Shiftgear? That doesn't even make an fragging sense! Why are humans so weird?" He yelled.

"I dunno, why are you so short?" Miko said, trying and failing to keep a straight face.

"I'm not short!" Shiftgear shrieked. "I am the perfect height for a minibot!"

"Key word there being mini." Smokescreen teased.

"Why you little-"

"I'm not the minibot!"

Smokescreen along with most everyone in the room laughed as an angry, shrieking ball of fury attempted to chase him around base while shouting obscenities and trying to claw is armor off. Optimus happened to walk in on the spectacle and had to step aside so that he wouldn't be ran over as Smokescreen led the chase away from the humans in the main room. He just shook his head.

"Do I wish to know why our smallest member is chasing the youngling?" he inquired wearily. Ratchet shook his head with a very serious look even as the others attempted to calm down.

Well, things certainly were not going to be the same around the base now...

~With Kitten~

Kitten groaned as she was awoken by a light shining in her face. She scrunched her nose and squinted, turning her head to find the source. Her curtains were pulled back and the sun was shining right into her face. She sighed and looked over at her alarm clock. 5:oo. 5:oo. The world really hates me...

She sat up, her body screaming in protest. She shrugged it off and went to take a quick shower. Afterwards, she dressed in a white tank top with a light green and white plaid shirt over it and  a pair of black capris. She kept the sleeves  of her shirt rolled and pinned up just above he elbow. She also pulled on a pair of black converses and called it good. On her way down stairs she put her hair in a braid.

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