Chapter Ninety Six

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Roscoe was feeling well during his flight with Anora, sometimes neglecting the fact that Anora was on his back, and when he spiraled in the air, Anora had to hold on for dear life.

"Are you out of your mind?!" Anora said gripping onto the scales of the dragon. The band that had been holding her hair at fallen from the sheer force of the air current causing her hair to whip around in her face.

"Good grief, Roscoe!" Cautiously crawling up the backside of the dragon, Anora used her legs to squeeze the sides of Roscoe's neck, and leaned forward.

She brought down her hand onto the top of Roscoe's head, causing the dragon to rear his head and lose his balance while flying, jolting them in the air.

He snapped his jaw several times in annoyance.

"Yeah well, you don't like being hit on the head, I don't like being tossed around like a doll back here. So, park it on the ground!"

Roscoe ignored her demand to land, until she continued to whack him on the head, he tried to reach around and bite at her boot.

"Go ahead and bite me Roscoe, I swear..."

Finally, growing too irritated with Anora and her scolding, he landed on the ground a little ways away from where they initially taken off.

Anora hopped off and attempted to gain control of her wobbly legs, as Roscoe stalked off.

"Don't you walk away from me!" she said grabbing a pebble and throwing it at Roscoe.

The dragon whipped around as quickly as possible and stomped over at her, his nostrils streaming with smoke.

"Oh no...I'm so scared." Anora said with an eye roll.

Roscoe stopped in front of her, and let out an ear piercing call into the air, before lowering his head down, so that they were eye to eye.

"Roscoe, I have been with you since you were this big." she said holding out her hands a short distance from each other. "Remember? All this rebellious and feisty behavior doesn't intimidate me. Half the time when you were just an hatchling you could only produce fire when you sneezed. Please save your teenage dramatics. You're still always going to be the little itty bitty dragon that stumbled out of his egg and then proceeded to eat it."

Anora left Roscoe to sulk in the field as she tried to find Norberta and Charlie. But as she came over a hill, she found Charlie running towards her.

"An, come on!" he waved her over to him as he caught sight of her.

"What's going on?"

"You of all people are going to want to see this. We got some hatchlings coming!"

Charlie covered his ears immediately as Anora let out a screech.

"Good...Merlin's beard woman!" he said as his ears began to ring.

"What are we waiting for!" Anora said grabbing his hand and apparating.

When they arrived to the nesting ground, Charlie stumbled over as Anora landed swiftly on her feet.

"What are you doing down there, silly?" she asked with a smirk.

"What have I told you about doing that?" Charlie growled standing up. "I would have walked here!"

"But you would have missed out on it!"

Charlie made a face unable to remain annoyed with her as Anora's face was all lit up with excitement.

"Which ones are hatching?" she asked.

"Peruvian Vipertooth were moving earlier and we have a crack in a Romanian Longhorn egg."

"Yes!" Anora said jumping up and down. "More Copper and Horny bab-..." she stopped and snorted.

Charlie sighed covering his face with his hand. "You can't go one day without making something into a dirty joke...can you?"

"That one was completely unintentional, although hilarious."

"You're such a pervert." he said shoving her to the side.

The two sat for hours outside of the nesting grounds peeking through the bushes, waiting for the hatchlings. With the majority of the mothers gone from the nesting ground, the two always wanted to be there so that they were the first thing the dragon saw upon hatching.

Charlie's rear was sore from sitting on the ground, and growing tired from waiting.

"An..I think maybe it was a false alarm." he yawned.

However, Anora didn't respond.

He glanced over to see Anora leaning against a boulder, sound asleep.

He crawled over in the dirt, and knelt down in front of her.

"Anora wake up, the eggs are hatching!"

Anora jumped awake. "Wh-"

"I'm kidding, you fell asleep."

"Oh you jerk!" she groaned leaning back.

"You fell asleep!"

"Well, we've been out here forever, I can't feel my arse.

"How about we head back...we'll check in the morning."

"No...they're going to hatch!" she replied stubbornly. He placed his hand under her chin to bring her to look at him.

"Why are you so stubborn?"

"I think it's inherited through the Forney gene. Kinda like how my dad insists that he is fully capable of cooking even though he sets the kitchen on fire all the know as many fires as he's started since I was little...he might be part dragon."

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