Chapter 3

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Amanda's Point of View

I stepped off of the plush bed I was currently laying in and stepped onto the hard cherry wood flooring of my condo. Grabbing a ponytail holder I tied my hair into a top knot so I could get into the shower. I was blessed with a wavy hair texture being bi-racial and decided to wear it natural. After I washed myself I picked out an appropriate outfit. I settled on a white capped sleeve button down, which was tucked into a grey skirt and paired with a black necklace and black heels. After I ate my breakfast smoothie I grabbed my car keys and drove to daddy's business. I greeted the security guard who simply stared at me in shock. I took the lift up to the third floor and went into the Marketing wing. 

"Good morning Yvette, that is a beautiful outfit." 

She probably didn't know I knew her real name. I knew a good share of my employees names, I just chose to give them nicknames that I thought were funny. Well, they were funny to me. 

"Hi James. Mm, that cologne smells good. You should keep wearing it." 

He raised an eyebrow at me clearing waiting for a snarky comment at the end of that sentence. 

"Geraldine, those purse is gorgeous! Channel?" 

I made it to my office and shut the door. Shortly after I was greeted by Nikolai's presence. I stood up. I don't know why, but I just did. 

"My word, Amanda, what has gotten into you. Sit down, I promise I won't do anything to you. That's only if you ever act like you were these past six months.  It was outrageous how anyone didn't do this to you before." 

"Maybe because-!" I cut myself off and lowered my voice. "I mean, people always tolerated it." I wasn't going to lie although I was slightly turned on yesterday I was mostly mad and angry and I certainly don't want that to happen again, at least not to that extent. I had fat welt on my torso and thighs. 

" Amanda, I'm glad yesterday happened. It was truly the best for everyone."

I actually did some work today. When it was my lunch break Valerie came up beside me. 

"Girl, what is wrong with you? You're acting different. You're acting normal, which isn't good for you." I glared at her before pulling her into the bathroom. I felt like we were in High School again checking to see if anyone was under the stalls. As soon as I saw the coast was clear I gave her the run down of what happened yesterday. I was really scared. I never ever wanted to go through that again. Not only was I scared, I was pissed. After I was finished I saw the gears in Valerie's head turning. 

"Take me to this intern Nikolai." I went to my office where Nikolai was. He was eating a bowl of Ramen. Valerie asked to speak with Nikolai alone. I started to walk down the hall until about three minutes later my name was called by Nikolai. I turned around and went into my office. As I was coming in Valerie pulled me by my collar and slammed me against the wall. 

"Twelve years Amanda. Twelve years of your shitty attitude, mood swings, and laziness. Today, trust and believe, I'm getting my revenge. Nikolai was sat in the corner simply observing. 

"Nikolai, you aren't going to do anything?" He simply shook his head. 

"She needs this release. She had twelve years, me on the other hand, that was only six months. Trust me, this is good." 

Valerie had a wild streak in her eye. 

"Strip bitch and get on the desk." 

I slowly took off my shirt and skirt. Valerie reached out and yanked my skirt off before unclasping my bra and throwing them across the room with my underwear. She walked around me almost like she was inspecting me. She played with my breasts and slapped my ass. 

"You don't know how many times I've dreamed about doing this. Nikolai, the tie. Bitch, on the desk" He undid his tie and handed it to Valerie. She tied my wrists together after I cleared my desk. I watched Valerie undress. She had a gorgeous body from constantly working out. She ran her finger down my body starting from my collar bone down to my vagina. She gripped my thighs and pulled me to the end of the desk and stooped down. She wasn't about to do what I think  she was about to do. 

"This is a dream come true." She gave me  along lick up my slit causing my toes to curl and a cry to escape my lips. I didn't have to worry about anybody hearing. I specifically had this room sound proofed. She continued this until I was close to my peak and stopped. 

"I'll give you the best orgasm ever, but first you need to do something for me." I was desperate and wanted that release. 

"Please, I'll do anything." I pleaded with her. She smirked and replied "I thought so." 

She jumped up on top on the desk and spread her legs and slowly walked towards my face. "Oh my gosh, Valerie what are you going to do?" She bent her knees and lowered herself onto my mouth. "What I wanted to do the first time I saw you. I swear on everything that is sacred to me bitch if you do not start to lick I will bring you close to your peak and stop for hours." I stuck out my tongue and licked. Her vagina clenched around my tongue making her squeal. "Yes, bitch, keep doing it."

I started with fast short licks and eventually did slow long licks causing her to clench around my tongue. I stuck my tongue inside of her hole and swirled it. That sent her crazy. "Yes, bitch, suck it good. Make me cum!" I kept licking paying close attention to her hole and clit. I felt her starting to clench a lot and spasm. She yelled out and squirted right into my mouth. Eating her out wasn't as bad as I thought. She got up and kissed me long and hard. 

"Good job whore, now it's time for your reward." She dropped down and ate me out until I came the hardest I've ever done before. 

I smiled and whispered "I'm so glad I have you all." before closing my eyes


How did you all like it? This is my first book on this account. I hope you all enjoyed.

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