Day by Day.

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As soon as I got home and pulled into the garage I dialed Taylor

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As soon as I got home and pulled into the garage I dialed Taylor. I don't get the privilege of privacy, the inside of my car will have to do.

"Hello doll face." Taylor answers. It makes me smile.

"Hey gorgeous. What are you doing?"

"I just got out of work, about to go to Jer's. Why, what's up?"

"Chase stopped in at the garage."

Taylor purred into the phone, literally. We once spent a solid hour, of her trying to teach me how to purr. My tongue just doesn't want to roll like that.

"Hmm and what did that hot piece of man candy want?"

I filled Taylor in on every detail because it kept replaying in my head. Over and over. 

I sighed. "He was flirting right?" I needed confirmation that I wasn't imaging things, even if she wasn't there.

"Hmmm girl...I think he was fucking you with his mind."

I laugh out loud, "What?"

"He was fucking you in his head. I wonder if he really has a big penis."

"You always wonder about every guy's penis!"

"Hey, I've only had one penis. I'm curious! Though, Jer's penis is pretty nice."

"SO don't need to know that Tay!"

"I have a picture, I can show you!"

"TAYLOR! NO! I won't be able to look at him the same again!"

She bursts out laughing, "Are you sure? You're my bestie, my almost sister, I don't mind sharing his third leg with you."

"Oh my gawd, how did we get this far off topic? No, I don't want to see Jer's penis but thank you for being a good friend."

"Anytime. So. He's definitely into you."

I sigh loudly.

"Why are you being so dramatic, like a little thirteen year old?"

I laugh, "It would never work. There's no way."

"You don't know that, and maybe no one would have to know. Oh, that would be so exciting! Like a big secret Romeo and Juliet..minus the whole family feud and suicide thing. Though not far from a family feud with you being the hot, quote off limits unquote, little sister."

I could totally picture her saying this. "You're too much Tay."

"I know, but you loovveee me. But seriously, I think this might be a good thing."

"Sneaking behind my brothers back with their friend? I don't know."

"Chase is a good guy, and I think they might be okay with it."

"I don't know about that. Chase has a reputation too, maybe not as bad as my brothers, but still. I don't think they'd be okay with it." I pinch the bridge of my nose, "I might as well become a nun."

"No way, even though you'd rock the shit out of their nun-attire. We have a couple months and it's off to college! You can let your freak flag fly without the big bad brothers being around!"

I laugh loudly. This girl is too much, and she's right..I do love her, like a sister from another mister. We've planned forever to go away to the same college, and be roomies.

"Yeah, I can't wait to get away from here. I won't be known as the little Russo sister, labeled undateable. Maybe we should look into going to a school across country."

"And move away from Mama Russo's amazing cooking? I don't think so. State college will be fine, we'll be a two hour drive away, far enough from your brothers but close enough to home."

I sigh again.

"Cut that sighing shit out! You'll be fine. Go find Chase and get some penis!"

"Riiight." I said sarcastically. 

"Okay girlfrand, I'm at Jer's. Keep me updated with lover boy."

"Will do. See you tomorrow."

"See yaaa!"

I sit in my car for a little while longer, the only thing I can really do is take this day by day. I like Chase, and by the way he's acting, he seems to be into me. I hate to assume things, so I don't want to assume that he's into me the way I'm into him. 

Day. By. Day.

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Note: I'm sorry this update is short. I'm still feeling under the weather, it's such a perfect day to write too! I'm snowed in!

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