Chapter 2

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Nikolai's Point of View

I gaped my mouth open and closed. I couldn't believe I just did that, but she should have never put her hands on me. She was knocked out cold. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly a light bulb when off in my head. My brother. He would know what to do. I had plans for this shrew. 

"Mikhael, it's me, Nikolai." 

"I know idiot, I have you saved in my phone. What do you need?"

"What makes you think I need something?" I challenged even though I knew he was right.

"You never call unless you need something, so tell me what it is." 

I sighed. "I have a girl here in need of your services." 

"Let me speak to her."

I cleared my throat before speaking. "That, isn't possible right now. Could you just come to Air Tech, it's on Lenox." 

He sighed and agreed "yes, I'll be there."

Before he could hang up I stopped him. "Tell me when you're here, you need to help me escort her out." 

Mikhael huffed. "Brother, what mess have you gotten yourself into now?"

"Nothing Mikhael, just do it!"

I waited forty five minutes for Mikhael to come here. I must have a mean right hook because Amanda was knocked out cold. I got Mikhael past security and he helped me take her to the basement where I instructed he parked. We laid her across the backseat of the car and drove to his house. Mikhael, lived in a fairly good house thanks to my father who was a doctor. He left us a hefty amount of money and let Mikhael take 3/4 of the money he set aside for my mother. She died before he did so he gave most of it to Mikhael. 

We pulled up into the garage and hauled Amanda out. She's a lot heavier than I thought she was. Mikhael unlocked the door to the basement and took her to a room. After he took her clothes off he tied her hands together and suspended her from the ceiling. As we waited for her to come to her senses I filled him in on the past six months of hell. To put things in simpler terms Mikhael was confused as to why I didn't call him earlier. 

I was admiring Amanda's body. I could see why so many men chased after her. She had full, supple breasts and beautiful curves. Her stomach was flat and her ass... Oh my gosh! She had a beautiful body, but her attitude took away and I didn't even realize how beautiful she was.

She started to wake up. It took her a while to realize that she wasn't at home or at work. I walked slowly in front of her. 

"Hello, Amanda. How's that face?"

She tried kicking me. "You stupid boy! What do you think you're doing?You think you can just punch me and undress me and tie me up. Because if you do, you are sadly mistaken. I will get my father on you!" 

Her ranting was cut short when Mikhael came in. He exuded a dominant aura wherever he went and I could tell Amanda was attracted to him. 

"Who- who are you?" 

"My name is Mikhael Jackson, Nikolai is my younger brother. May I just say that you're a beautiful girl." 

Amanda smiled smugly and rolled her eyes. "I know it." Before she could process what was about to happen, Mikhael took out the belt he had behind him and brought it down on her thighs causing her to scream out loudly. 

"Don't be a stuck up bitch, accept a compliment with grace. You're such a beautiful girl, but your attitude is terrible. I can't fathom why you act so horribly, but I'm not your psychologist, and because I'm not your psychologist I'm not going to talk to you about your feelings, I'm going to beat it out of you." 

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