Bleed to love her

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Relief was what Stevie washed over Stevie as she stepped through the door of her home. Coming back from a tour always made her feel like she never wanted to leave her house ever again, of course as soon as she spent a week there she was ready to dive into another album or project.

Another thing that relieved get was spending an unlimited amount of alone time with Lindsey again. This tour had opened their eyes and made them see that their love was worth fighting for again.

She had just sat down on the edge of her bed as she had finally unpacked most of her stuff, when she decided to call him.

"Hey! I was just about to call!" Lindsey answered cheerfully, he always seemed to be in a good mood now, and everyonei knew that if Lindsey was happy, Stevie was happy too. Especially the band. They had had a pretty tension-less ending to the tour and everyone was beyond grateful. "So..I was wondering if you could maybe come over..? Maybe we could just relax and watch a movie or something?" She bit her lip nervously although she wasn't sure why-their new relationship had, if anything been completely flawless so far.

"I'd love to, just give me a little while to finish unpacking." he was breathing heavily for some reason and she found it strange because he wasn't running if he was using his home phone and he didn't have a gym in his house.... "Um.. Okay. Sure. I'll be waiting. I love you." she agreed, "See you then!" he hung up, leaving her dumbfounded. Questions would definitely get asked and answered tonight.

She was at least expecting an 'I love you too'-which left her very disappointed. She didn't want to think anything-after all she'd seen him only a few hours ago, they had a little tearful goodbye and said their farewells with a small kiss. What could have changed between now and then?

He was probably busy checking his guitars, making sure that they hadn't been damaged on the flight or delivery, or he could be unpacking his equipment that he insisted on hauling around in case he got an idea for a song. There was a list of simple, innocent things that could be going on. But she still didn't feel right. However-there wasn't anyway for her to know now so she decided not dwell on it. She decided to clean up a little. She went into her closet then changed into some comfy pajamas, it wasn't late but it wasn't early either. She then straightened her hair a little more and only applied a little more natural yet darker make up. By the time she was done with her make up her doorbell rang.

Sprinting downstairs and swinging the door open she was met by a freshly showered and shaven Lindsey. "I missed you!" She clung to him tightly. He hugged her back a bit longer than she had originally planned but she wasn't complaining. "I missed you too"
"I know it's only been a few hours but I'm just so happy that we can do this and not have to sneak around!" Stevie smiled, noticing that he didn't have an overnight bag. "Trying to get away as quick as possible, aye Buckingham?" She smirked. He laughed uneasily with her, and his nervousness did not go unnoticed by her either, yet she really didn't wanna ruin tonight so she just moved on. "So," she took his hand. "What do you wanna do?", leading him into the livingroom where she already managed to have a fire going. "Watch a movie," he shrugged, that's the reason he was here, right? "Really?" She said kind've confused, she'd thought he would've seen right through her excuse to get him over.
"Well-that's what you said right?" She nodded. "Yes but-okay um... Let's go look at what's in the movie cabinet!" She thought that maybe he was playing some kind of game to surprise her with something romantic. Well Mr. Buckingham, two can play at that game.

Standing in front of the cabinet, cocking her hip to the side, Stevie was trying to throw deductive glances at Lindsey. But he seemed completely engrossed in reading the titles of the movies. "So, what did you wanna watch?" He asked casually. "You can pick," she said in a low voice, twirling her hair through her fingers, seeing if any of if would phase him. She was impressed yet slightly disappointed to see that he stayed on top of his game-still focused on the shelf of movies, till finally he just stood up. "Can you just pick something already?? I don't know anything about movies" she was taken aback by his little outburst but wasn't sure if he was still messing around. "Or we could skip the movie and do something else," she swayed her hips as she walked towards him. "Like..." He was playing dumb and they both knew it. Stevie rubbed her hands up and down his chest "Well, I think it begins with this-"she kissed him passionately. He let himself get lost in the moment. Then pulled back somewhat slowly leaving her with a confused look on her face. "What's wrong?" Lindsey sighed and nervously ran his hands through his hair, "I-it's just-" he sighed in frustration "what if the media finds out? We are just getting used to being back home and now we're going to have paparazzi breathing down our necks," She wasn't really sure why he was so nervous about this-the media had always been on them and he'd never seemed too concerned about it before. However she tried to understand, "oh Lindsey honey, look I'm sorry if you're worried but I mean come on. Let em talk, lets just be us. Especially now-no one followed you here or even really knows about us except the band. It's just me and you right now Lindsey, lets enjoy it."

He sighed, he would have to adjust and get past this-find a way to cope. "Yea, just you and me." He nodded. "That's right. Look the curtains are drawn, the doors are locked. We're all alone, and I love you Linds." She smiled up at him. "I love you too Stevie." He kissed her forehead and laid down with her on the couch, tangling their limbs. That was it. She finally felt back at ease with their relationship. That one sentence had done it for her.
The rest of the night went on obviously as it seemed it would-passionately and lovingly.

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